Interior Design Trends 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interior Design trends change each season and often it can be hard to keep up if you want to stay on trend. The trends that were big in 2013 included teal, floral and ditsy prints and vintage looking pieces. This info graphic takes a look at the top five emerging home décor and interior design trends for 2014. The first trend that is going to be big for the coming year is blue! Cobalt blue has been names by Benjamin Moore as the colour for 2014, but lots of other shades of blue will also be popular and an instant way to update your décor. The next trend that will help you update your home for 2014 are one of a kind pieces. These will take the place of vintage looking pieces that were very popular in 2013. Scout through thrift shops and markets for that special piece that will add the wow factor to any room! Fabrics and prints from the East are also playing a role in influencing design trends for 2014. Bold Persian rugs and rich, warm patterns are going to be everywhere next season. One look that is seen almost every year in interior design trends in one form or another in monochrome. For 2014, think graphic monochrome and opt for sharp, geometric shapes. This trend is a good option for people who don’t want to completely redecorate or who are reluctant to choose bold colours and prints but those who still want to be on trend. The fifth and final trend this info graphic lists is delicate whites. Keep the colour palette neutral and all furnishing delicate and dainty to achieve this look. Finally, this info graphic summarises what was popular in 2013 in terms of colour, metals, print, craft and texture and gives an on trend replacement for 2014! Read on for inspiration for your home for 2014!

Interior Design Trends

Infographic Sent to us by Shutter Construction

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