Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: Know The Difference

Nowadays, you will see products infused with hemp oil and CBD oil in physical and online stores anywhere. Are you wondering what the differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are?

hemp oil vs cbd oil 1More often than not, these two oils are interchanged because people think they are similar. Though they came from the same plant, it is essential to know that they are not the same, and both have different uses.

CBD oil and hemp oil are extracted from the hemp plant. These are different from marijuana, as hemp extracts do not cause any high sensations. People have been using both as alternative medicines and supplements for various health issues. Thus, lots of suppliers and manufacturers are already active on the market to supply these oils.

To help you differentiate the two oils, we have compiled a must-read list for consumers:

What Are The Differences Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?


Both hemp oil and CBD oil are extracted from hemp plants (Cannabis sativa). Nowadays, there are hemp farms across the United States that are legal and regulated by the law. Though both came from the same plant, these essences are extracted from different parts.

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds, while CBD oil or cannabinoid is extricated from hemp’s stalks, stems, leaves, and flowers. Traces of cannabinoid and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are not present in hemp seeds, unlike the other plant parts.

Extraction Method

As mentioned, both oils come from different parts of the hemp plant. Aside from maximizing its potency, it is vital that the method of extraction is also specific.

With the use of very low temperatures, hemp oil is extracted using the cold-squeezing technique. This technique is the recommended process of pulling out the product because it enables suppliers to get real and pure hemp oils that are safe for humans to consume.

On the other hand, CBD oils are products of the CO2 extraction method. With this process, CBD oil is produced with no synthetic and chemical ingredients that could be harmful for users. It is a long and meticulous laboratory method, which makes the cost of CBD oils higher than other cannabis-infused items.

Health Benefits And Uses

hemp oil vs cbd oil 2

  • Hemp Oil

Considered as a superfood, people use hemp oil and infuse it with beverages and meals. Some use hemp oil to fry different types of meat, while some use it as a salad dressing as a replacement of olive oil. Lotions, shampoos, and soaps also contain extracts of hemp oil.

This type of oil is proven to be rich in nutrients, particularly omega-3 and omega-6. It also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and a considerable amount of vitamins and dietary fiber. In a clinical study, it was observed that GLA helps users with dermal conditions and makes the skin lose less water and moisture. This is beneficial for people with eczema because lab results show how hemp oil decreases skin dryness and itchiness. This is the reason why you can find tons of skincare products with hemp oil as an ingredient.

  • CBD Oil

On the other hand, CBD oil is not primarily used in cooking, though it can be found as an ingredient of edibles like gummies. This oil can be purchased in tinctures with droppers. The usual way of consuming CBD is by dropping the oil underneath the tongue. Nevertheless, CBD oil-infused products like medicines, makeup, creams, and ointments are also available on the market.

CBD is scientifically proven to treat inflammation, which makes it a must-have for people who experience pain regularly, like gym-goers. Because of cannabinoid and its ability to alter serotonin levels, it is also possible to treat stress, anxiety, and depression with constant CBD use.

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has recently allowed the production and distribution of CBD-infused medicines used to reduce epileptic symptoms among children. Beauty products with CBD, like day and night creams, also help in the prevention and treatment of acne. Aside from reducing the swelling of zits, CBD also helps by regulating the production of sebum that can result in clearer skin. Some people even use CBD oil for recreational vaping. There are different types of CBD oil available for every use, and their concentration also varies.


These two oils may be different, but it is undeniable that both are beneficial to human health. To know more about a specific oil you are about to buy, it will not hurt to do a bit of research and visit the seller’s website. Check if the CBD oil and hemp oil are legitimate and safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes that are being sold on the market, and this might cause you to experience adverse side effects instead of treating your health issues. Keep in mind that gaining more knowledge about the stuff you put inside your body is also essential.

Full Disclaimer: Please consult your family doctor before taking any medications. Advise in this article shall not be considered as medical advice.

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