Summer Vacations Also Mean Summer Break-ins: 4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

The summer season is full fun and relaxing vacations. Summer is also the peak time for break-ins, as burglars like to take advantage of empty homes. Worrying about your home or possessions is sure to put a damper on your well planned getaway. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your home stays safe while you are away.

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Secure Your Home

Give yourself enough time before vacation to check that all door locks are functioning and not in need of repair. If repairs are needed be sure that they are completed properly or have them completely changed out by a professional. Affordable Lock Services Inc a locksmith company in Aurora has said that a lot of break-ins happen while people are on vacation. You can never be too careful. Make sure to get your locks checked, or if in bad condition, replaced!

Consider installing an alarm. Evidence of an alarm may prevent your home from being targeted at all. Before leaving, make sure the alarm is set correctly and that all the sensors are working properly before you leave. Also, it is a good idea that you inform the alarm company that you will be away. This option can be a little more pricey, so make sure that you do some price shopping and review reading. Unfortunately there are some home security companies that have poor customer service reviews, get you locked into contracts for years etc… There are also many out there that are legitimate and can be very helpful in deterring burglars and suspicious activity.

Make Sure Your Home Does Not Appear Empty

Homes that appear empty are easy targets for burglars. You could get a relative or a friend to house sit for you, as they can make your home look occupied and deter burglars. If this is not an option, ask a neighbor to collect your mail or newspapers so it does not look neglected. You can also set lights, televisions, and radios to turn on and off by a timer, so it appears someone is home. Finally, make sure the lawn is cut and hedges are trimmed before you leave. An overgrown lawn is a sign you are on vacation.

Do Not Advertise An Empty House On Social Media

It is all too common these days to post minute to minute updates of our lives on social media. However, announcing to the world that you are going on vacation is an open invitation for burglars to rob your home.

Do Not Hide Keys

Burglars are experts at finding hidden keys, and those fake rocks are not hard to spot. Leaving them under the mat, or above the door frame are also bad ideas. If someone is checking on your house or watering your plants, physically give them a key instead of leaving one hidden.

Vacation is a time to relax and have some well needed fun. Worrying whether your home is safe while you are away can ruin your long awaited getaway. Follow these tips for a stress free vacation.

Erin Emanuel