Guide to Creating Kerb Appeal with your Front Door

As the economy continues to improve, the housing market is getting more competitive for sellers. Your house is competing with hundreds of other properties for the attention of buyers – other properties that may be better looking, better maintained or better located. One way you can give your property a head start is by creating a little kerb appeal. Even if you’re not in the market for selling, kerb appeal gives you a house you can be proud of. How do you create a little extra appeal without spending much money? Target your front door.

Dream House


Pick the Perfect Look

Consider the new style of GRP doors as with this range of doors you can really make an impact on the front of your house. GRP doors are easily constructed into a variety of different styles so you can pick the style that best suits your home and your personality. For example, if you have a modern home there are doors available in a fresh, contemporary style. A cottage or a traditional home will look great with a cottage-style door, and a town house requires an elegant front entrance. Once you’ve decided which design you want, choose the colour. Here’s where you can really make a difference in the way your house looks from the outside. A vibrantly painted, eye-catching front door really improves the look of the house. Or you may want to choose a more conservative colour such as white or brown. Whichever colour you choose, the fresh paint will create a positive impression on visitors and make your house look more appealing.

Choose a Lasting Appeal

For kerb appeal that lasts longer than a few months, make sure your door is sturdy and easy to maintain. Wooden doors are difficult to keep looking good over the long term. GRP doors like those available from are designed to be long-lasting, low- maintenance doors. The glass-reinforced polyester, or fibreglass, exterior won’t warp or rot. The paint won’t fade or peel as it would on a wooden door. The frame won’t get out of shape and refuse to fit in the space.

Individual Accessories

Don’t stop at the style and the colour – make a statement with your front door by choosing individual fittings and finishings that will make it stand out from the crowd. For example, you can add door lights or side panels. Or accessorise with hardware like letter plates or decorative metal door knockers. Hardware is available in finishes like gold, chrome, white, or black. Keep the fixtures shining by regularly polishing the doorknob and other fittings. You could also hang a wreath at Christmas, or add another type of decoration for the summer or autumn.

Don’t Forget…

A new front door doesn’t only look good, it offers security features too. When you buy a new door you should consider whether it is durable and safe – combining looks with superior security features like locks and reinforced hinges gives you kerb appeal while also protecting your family.

Erin Emanuel