Benefits of Buying a King Size Mattress

Is it time to get a new mattress for your bedroom? If you have been using a single or double mattress, this might be the best opportunity to upgrade to king size mattress. Sure, you might also need to replace your bed frame, but the perks of having a king size mattress can easily offset the additional cost in the long run.

good-night-sleep-mattressIn this article, we will be discussing key points on why you should consider upgrading your mattress. What are the benefits of buying a king size mattress? Stick around to find out.

What to Consider Before Buying a King Size Mattress

First things first, before you even considering buying a new king size mattress, you should check to see if your bedroom floor space can accommodate this huge mattress. Remember that king size mattress comes in at a whopping 76 x 80 (W x L) inches. Floorspace will not be the only factor in your calculations as bedroom furniture must also be taken into account.

Make sure that there is more than enough space left in the bedroom for you and your partner to move around comfortably. If you are moving to a new house, it is best to mark out the floor space that the king size mattress will cover, then consider where additional furniture will be added. It is vital to consider everything when it comes to managing the bedroom’s floor space with a king size mattress.

Benefits of Having a King Size Mattress

Now that you know what to first consider before buying a king size mattress for your bedroom, it is now time to check the benefits of having this type of bed at home.

  • Extra Space Means Extra Comfort

The extra elbow and legroom can significantly improve your overall comfort as well as the quality of your sleep. You can fully extend and stretch your arms and legs to your heart’s content and sleep in any position you can imagine.

Twisting and turning around in a regular-sized bed can be uncomfortable and might even cause you to fall right off! Not the case with a king size bed. A king size bed mattress will also offer more than enough space for two to three people.

  • Ideal for Restless Sleepers

People who have health conditions such as arthritis and joint pains might find it difficult to sleep while maintaining a relatively steady or still position. Arthritis can act up if the joints remain stationary for a prolonged period. This is why most people who have this condition tend to be quite restless sleepers.

The overall size of a king size bed will offer more than enough space for people to move around without worrying about going over the bed’s edge. The significant extra space will also allow the partner of a restless sleeper to have more room for themselves without getting disturbed.

  • An Excellent Choice for a Family Bed

For those who already have children of their own, or maybe a handful of dogs, a king size bed will be the perfect place to bond and relax on a Sunday. Turn on the TV and have a little movie marathon with the family right in the comfort of your exceptionally large bed, what better way to spend a lazy afternoon?

  • Alleviates Pressure Points in the Body

Most king size mattress in the market today are designed so that they can relieve pressure points in the body. The expensive size of the bed also allows your body to fully relax no matter which position you prefer to lie down. Some health conditions (besides arthritis) that can benefit significantly from a king size mattress includes various neck problems, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder syndrome.

  • King Size Mattresses/Beds are Flexible, Design-Wise

King size mattresses are designed in a variety of styles that it can use in every type of bedroom design. As long as your room can accommodate the size of this mattress, it will be as a chameleon in whatever room design it is placed. It is not restricted to a specific style and will accentuate any room design from classical to contemporary.

Final Thoughts

King size mattresses offer comfort above all else. A comfortable place to rest is the primary reason for buying a king size mattress. Of course, it also comes with several other benefits for some instances – case in point, people with joint problems and arthritis.

This type of mattress is also designed to provide maximum comfort by alleviating pressure points on the body, no matter what position they prefer to sleep. If you wish to maximize your sleep quality, I highly recommend that you get a king size mattress if your bedroom floor space allows for it. You will not regret that investment for years to come.

Erin Emanuel