Avoid Kitchen Catastrophe! Style Tips To Stand The Test of Time

Many of us like to choose things which reflect the latest fashions. We try to keep our wardrobes and our homes up to date to avoid getting stuck in a time warp. There are however times when slavishly following the latest trend risks ending up with a faddy look which won’t last. Stay away from these kitchen trends if you want to avoid date stamping your home.



Appliance garages

Popular in the 1990s, appliance garages allowed us to keep kitchen essentials out of sight. The problem is that they are a permanent fixture. They take up valuable counter space and reduce flexibility in the kitchen area.

Planning out the use of counter space is an important part of the kitchen design process and can benefit from a professional consultation.

Kitchen nooks

These bespoke areas were primarily used to house the landline phone – which tells you all you need to know about how long they’ve been around. Nowadays, unless you are going to use them for something useful in the context of today’s world – like a charging spot for electronic devices – they are pretty much redundant.

High gloss finishes

Bright and shiny cupboards may be all the rage today, but won’t help your kitchen stand the test of time. In ten years will a gloss finished kitchen be the equivalent of an avocado bathroom suite? In reality, the signature looks of today are far from enduring.

Coloured appliances

Opting for coloured appliances to tie in with your overall kitchen colour scheme is a risky strategy. These items will date quickly – and take your kitchen with them. Choose stainless or white/arctic/ice finishes and you won’t go wrong.


This is an area where less really is more. The current trend for full wall backsplashes that fit between counter tops and cabinets will not last. It is also a very expensive mistake to make – the materials involved do not come cheap and will significantly add to the overall cost of the kitchen.

Apron sinks

This trend to avoid is quite controversial. Although farmhouse apron sinks are still popular with a number of clients, the decline in demand is clear. On this basis it is probably best to stay away from an item that has been described as, ‘so last year.’

Ornate designs

Although the majority of customers are now opting for simpler designs with clean lines, there remains a hard-core element who favours the lavish French or Italian style kitchen. These over the top creations can be real budget busters and will automatically age your home.

These designs are wood centric, and many flooring companies are all about the timber floors. Experts in such companies can showcase the grandeur of wood such as UV lacquer top coat prefinished flooring, solid wood floor panels, and other flooring options without your home looking old before its time. Consult with expert designers who can help steer you towards a happy compromise.

With all these do’s and don’ts, it can be easy to lose sight of what you actually want in your new kitchen. Avoiding temporary trends is advisable, but don’t make the mistake of opting for the bland approach.

Remember that your kitchen should suit you as a person, and you need to feel comfortable in it. Take the time to work with a designer who understands you and your requirements and let them translate your vision into reality.

Erin Emanuel