Kitchen Creativity: How to Make Yours Work for You

The kitchen is the heart of every home, but if yours is more like a pit of chaos, it’s time to fix it. Don’t worry if the prospect of doing so leaves you paralyzed, you’re not alone. All of us struggle to get the perfect kitchen. Here’s some great tips to help you overcome those pesky problems and enjoy your kitchen again.

Start With a Good Set of Equipment

Every kitchen needs some basic things to make the job go smoothly. A food processor, hand mixer, and a good set of cooking utensils and storage containers will take you a long way. If you don’t already have a good set of pans with lids, that’s also a worthy investment. Make sure you have all your sets of dinnerware and cooking utensils ready to go. Then Find a way to store them that won’t leave you running out of room.

For cleanup, nothing beats a garbage disposal and dishwasher. If you think you have no place to put a dishwasher, think again. With the help of a plumber in Mississauga, many dishwashers can be retrofitted into an existing cabinet near the sink. According to Plumb Perfect Ltd, it’s also possible to rearrange a sink so storage space underneath can be more easily accessed.

Rearrange for a Smooth Flow

An efficient layout is critical to frustration-free cooking and clean up. First, you need your counters clear so you can actually work on them. A microwave stand is great for this and also gives you more storage space.

The things you use most often should be within easy reach of where you are when you need them. This means plates and cups need to be between the sink and refrigerator. Pots, pans, and cooking spices belong near the stove. Lesser used items, like storage containers, baking dishes, and small appliances, can be pushed to your hard to reach areas. By creating a prep station and a cook station, you’ll save yourself from running all over the kitchen looking for things. Keep everything you need for those tasks in their own station.

Don’t Let Good Space go to Waste

Once your kitchen is flowing again, it’s time to look at all the wasted space you still have. Most cabinets can hold more just by making sure every inch of space is filled, including the areas above other items, and the very backs of deep lower cabinets. Nobody likes to face an avalanche when they open the cupboard, so while you’re stuffing it to the brim, keep everything neat with baskets, racks, and hooks.
That unruly pile of lids is just begging for a basket to rest in. Put them in upright so you can see them all at once, and easily remove one without disturbing the rest. Add more shelves to your dish cabinet with wire racks and hang cups from the top on hooks. For deep cabinets, roll-out racks will keep you from having to dig.

These simple changes will surely take you from kitchen nightmare, to a cooking utopia, especially if you’re short on space. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, you can still get the most out of it by using these tips. Go ahead and make it happen now so you’ll never again have to struggle in your pit of chaos.


Erin Emanuel