3 Top Tips To Make Your Kitchen Design Work For You

If you’re in the process of kitchen remodeling then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to iron out any problems that you’ve come across with your existing layout. Your kitchen lies at the heart of the home and is no doubt used for a variety of purposes besides just cooking. With so much going on, it can be difficult to create a space that works for everyone, but with a little planning you can avoid the pitfalls that many people fall into.

Installing sufficient counter top space

A common complaint about kitchen design is that there never seems to be enough countertop space. When you’re updating your kitchen determine how much countertop space you need by looking at how you use your countertops now and thinking ahead to future needs. Determining the flow of traffic through your kitchen is a good way of organizing your countertop space so that it functions well. List what specific activities you need each countertop space for and how that space will overlap if other people need to use it too. Take the material for your countertops into careful consideration too. Some of the high priced materials such as metallic, stone, concrete and natural wood need careful handling and regular maintenance whereas lower priced laminates are rugged and durable. Also think about what appliances need to sit permanently on your countertops such as toasters, kettles, coffee makers and ensure that outlets are placed close to where you want your appliances to sit. Knowing where you want specific appliances to sit can help you plan your space better.


Triangle layout

The kitchen triangle incorporates the three areas which see the most activity, namely the sink, stove and refrigerator. These all need to have unobstructed access and the sink in particular needs to have easy access to the refrigerator and stove as well as counter-top workstations. Islands that cut off direct access or narrow aisles, means that your kitchen will be less convenient and efficient. We may only be talking a matter of a few extra steps but once you’ve made countless trips around a jutting corner of an island, you’ll be wishing you had planned your layout better.

Storage requirements

Whilst it’s easy to spend your money on good looking appliances, natural wood floors, bespoke kitchen cabinets or counter tops that have a great visual impact, it’s more important to make sure you have sufficient storage space. Kitchens contain all sorts of stuff, many of which can be oddly shaped and take up a lot of space. The enjoyment of working in your kitchen entails using tools which make cooking simpler, quicker and easier to prepare and if you have to go to the garage to get your food processor or your wok instead of having them near to you in the kitchen, then the joy you felt at your glitzy new kitchen will soon start to diminish. Whilst you’re in the throes of planning your kitchen design, make a list of the small appliances you really need and prioritize which ones you need to have readily accessible to be happy with your design. It could also be a good opportunity to do a spot of de-cluttering.

Follow these three kitchen design tips and you will end up with a space that works for you and your family. They say the kitchen is the hub of the home, but if it isn’t functional, no matter how good it looks it will revert to a room that is used as little as possible.

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