4 Reasons Why You Hate Your Kitchen (and What You Can Do About it)

If you dread working in the kitchen, it’s probably time that you revived the look and design to make it a more pleasant place for you to cook, clean, or eat. If you can’t afford an expensive remodel, consider making a few minor improvements to bring to your kitchen to the next level without completely tearing it apart. There are a plenty of easy projects you can do yourself to give your kitchen a little more life and personality. Read on for a few ideas to help you overcome your kitchen hostility so that you can cook in happiness once again.



Your Countertops Are Outdated

If countertops have a few years on them, they’re likely burnt, scratched or stained. Maybe they look like something from the 60s with a tacky orange color that matches the shag carpeting. Use acetone to loosen old laminate and peel it off. Replace it with white, cream, a contemporary pattern of tile, or even solid composites that look like stone. Having an outdated or damaged countertops really drags down the entire look of the kitchen, so any update you can make will contribute to a newer looking kitchen.

The Lighting is Dreary

Poor lighting is a common cause of a dull kitchen. Lighting manufacturers have created all kinds of affordable lighting you can install in minutes to bring light into your kitchen—and light truly adds light! Add a string of rope lights under the cabinets. Install pot lights or puck lights in soffits or on the bottom of cabinets. Place track lights on the ceiling where you need them. If you’re ambitious, add a skylight to get a little help from the sun. Adding a little extra light to the room will contribute to a brighter, happier kitchen where everyone wants to be.

You Don’t Have Enough Space

Small or confined countertop space is another issue that can cause some frustration in the kitchen. If you’ve ever wanted more countertop space for serving or dining, consider the floating shelf. This type of shelf employs steel brackets that attach to island backs or any open wall space to cantilever a second shelf up and out. Chose any material you like including granite, composites, laminated hardwood or plywood for the shelf. Typical floating shelves are about 18-inches wide, but you can make them any size to fit your kitchen.

Your Cabinets Have Seen Better Days

If you’re tired of looking at the same old kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to replace them with entirely new ones. Modern cabinet refacing techniques can make your existing cabinets look completely different. Thin strips of wood veneer, or even laminate can be added to the front to make the cabinets change from birch to walnut, oak to mahogany or any other species. Add new raised-panel doors and drawer fronts and everything changes. If your cabinets are scratched, faded, or just plain outdated, consider giving them a new look with an easy weekend project.

If you hate your kitchen, don’t spend thousands on designers, cabinetmakers and contractors—it’s just not necessary. Take a few minutes to evaluate the real problems, focus on the priority and take it one step at a time. Once you can see what is bothering you, these problems can easily be fixed and your kitchen will have undergone a magical transformation. So stop hating on your kitchen, and get working—there’s plenty you can do! Information for this article was provided by home professionals who help buyers find Colorado homes, and specialize in home design and financing.

Erin Emanuel