Kitchen remodelling – tips to design your kitchen in an easy way

Kitchens come in a wealth of sizes and shapes. The exact same appliances, cabinets, surfacing materials, and furniture accessories can look different in somebody else’s kitchen than in yours. The cabinets can be reinvented using paint and different hardware, for example. There’s no need to invest a lot money to remodel a kitchen, especially when there are so many budget-friendly ways to do it. Use save-spacing products, eco-friendly materials, furniture with doubt-purposes, and try as much as you can to keep things neat. Here are some tips to help you redesign the most alluring kitchen.

kitchen remodelling


Eliminate waste

Nobody fancies a cluttered kitchen packed with pots and pans. It’s important that you think about the purpose of your kitchen items. How often do you use them? Bowls and breakfast foods should be placed near the breakfast table. If your table is the kitchen island, then it could be an excellent idea to add extra compartments underneath. Plastic containers and wraps are equally important, and they should be located near the work surface. As for the flatware and dishware, these must be close to the dishwasher to ease the unloading process.

Widening the kitchen space

Space is important in any type of kitchen, especially if you have kids and you like to cook. Paths should be about 40 inches wide, and within the actual cooking zone, 45 inches wide are ideal. Remodel your kitchen with plenty of space in mind; decorations and appliances are great, but you need to be able to move around, too. If you can’t accommodate an island because the overall space is tight, don’t do it. As an alternative, you could install a side-table and make it foldable.

Paint the cabinets

One of the most convenient ways of bringing your kitchen back to life is to repaint the cabinets, especially if they’re dark and outdated. A fresh coat of paint will instantly revive the cooking space, yet it’s important that you make the right choices. Many homeowners can’t afford to hire a specialist, so their only alternative is to paint the cabinets themselves. The process is not the most complicated in the world if you abide by the rules.

Prior to getting started, empty the cabinets, remove hardware, shelves and drawers. Clean the surface, cover existing holes, and select the right colour. Kitchens should be lightweight not gloomy, and airy in order to make the whole household feel rejuvenated in the morning.

kitchen cabinets

Style your kitchen island

Islands have a particular importance in a kitchen. They’re functional, practical, and they can store lots of utensils and accessories. Some homeowners like to cook, eat and gather around their island; to them, this furniture item is vital. The dining area and the kitchen island should be placed separately, tough. Make sure you have enough space between these two areas.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodelling, and you want to make your island the star of the whole space, think of a bright colour. It could be turquoise, fuchsia, deep yellow, and so on. White kitchens are still in trend, and a pop of colour will surely make it stand out.

Storage tips

We all want to have beautifully designed kitchens. The problem is, we don’t always have the space to keep things stylish and neat. Experts are advising homeowners to ditch the old kitchen cabinets and opt for storage on-display. Now it’s your chance to show off your kitchenware. If you don’t want to throw away the cabinets, you could easily remove the doors and repaint them to open up the whole cooking space and make it welcoming for family and friends.

kitchen storage tips

There are endless ways to make a kitchen look chic without breaking a bank. Homeowners can use DIY tutorials to revamp their cooking spaces, and thus up important sums of cash. Painted kitchens are a cheap, convenient way of bringing your cooking space back to life. Get inspired from top designers, check the web for latest trends and apply them to your kitchen.

Light shades are the newest trend. Mint, lemon, pale pink, beige and pastels in general, are excellent colors you can use to paint your space; and if you’re the innovative type of homeowner, you can always add a pop of color, too. How about a black kitchen island for example? Doesn’t that sound cool? 

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration for how I can improve my kitchen. Adding more storage so that I can declutter is such a good idea. Our pots and pans are hanging on hooks because there is no where else for them to go. When I remodel, I’ll be sure to add bigger cupboards or an island that can fit them all.

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