Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Best ROI

Kitchens tend to be the most popular room in a home and a gathering place for family and friends.  When updating the kitchen, it’s natural to want to make it a truly personal space that appeals to our distinct taste, but it also needs to be functional and practical. Here are some tips to consider when remodeling your kitchen that will bring you return on investment whether you plan to stay in your home long term or sell in the near future.


Replace Countertops:

Removing and replacing countertops with a solid surface like quartz, granite or marble adds a high-end element that elevates the entire kitchen.  This investment makes sense if the cabinets are in good shape and the layout is functional because it is fairly difficult to re-purpose solid quartz or granite into a new design in the future.

kitchen countertops

Replace Backsplash:

Replacing a dated backsplash with something more on trend like glass or stone mosaics can add some major punch. Tiling a backsplash is relatively inexpensive, adds style, color, texture and personality.  The ever-popular subway tile is still a good choice because it is classic and relatively inexpensive.  Try different sizes like 4″x 24″ or 6″x 12″ to bring a modern twist to the standard 3″x 6″.

kitchen backsplash

Refinish Cabinets:

Painting kitchen cabinetry will bring a whole new look and feel to your space.  Freshly painted white cabinetry will add a fresh, light vibe, whereas a dark stained wood adds elegance and drama.  Having the cabinets professionally refinished is more expensive than DIY, but they will look much better and last much longer, making for a better return on your investment.

kitchen cabinets

Freshen Up Your Floor:

If you have a tired old vinyl floor, it is probably super hard to keep clean and may be lifting up or damaged in some areas.  Consider updating it with a newer, updated version.  There are some very modern, inexpensive options out there such as this vinyl from Itec Contract Floors.  LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is also another option worth considering.  They come in actual tiles and need to be grouted, yet they are laminate and still less expensive that tile.  Check out Amtico for more information and selection.  The beauty of vinyl and LVT’s is, depending on its condition, can be installed directly over your existing floor. Consult a professional floor installer to see if this is an option.

Remember, new homebuyers look for materials that look and feel new and updated and are low maintenance—especially for the floors. The key here is to find the perfect material that is low cost, yet has an updated, “higher-end” feel.

Replace Cabinet Hardware: 

This is quite possibly the easiest and least expensive way to update your kitchen and other cabinetry in general.  Some of things to keep in mind when selecting new hardware:

  1.  If you are replacing pulls, measure the distance between the 2 holes for the proper “center to center” measurement.  Or better yet, remove a pull and take it with you.
  2.  The simpler the better.  Remember that little nooks and crannies are hard to keep clean and can begin to feel dirty after a period of time.  Select a clean design with as few decorative elements as possible to keep them looking brand new until it is time to sell your home.

I always suggest a matte finish for my clients as a chrome or polished finish can show fingerprints.  A brushed stainless, satin nickel finish or oil rubbed bronze are always a good bet.  These finishes are still very much on trend and not likely to fall out of favor anytime soon.

kitchen cabinet hardware

Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, these fairly simple improvements will give your kitchen a beautiful update that is not only cost-effective but also practical for the future.

Erin Davis is lead designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland, OR.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Out of all the different things mentioned I think I want my cabinets remodeled most of all. They are really outdated and could really use some work. I like your idea of simple, sometimes I try for something too fancy and it doesn’t look good. I just need to remember to keep it simple.

  2. I strongly enjoy all your idea about renewing kitchen. Replace Backsplash is not a bad idea to make the kitchen much more modern and style, especially, I really like Freshen Up Your Floor which help me owning a clean floor and less dangerous for my children. I will use your ideal for my kitchen, I hope that it’ll have the same your ideal

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