Kitchen renovation trends – design your kitchen in a new way in 2015

Latest trends in kitchen design are all about simplicity, sheerness and light. Homeowners should ditch their old-fashioned brown cabinets and go all-white. Better yet, remove the cabinets and choose open-shelving instead. According to interior designers, the kitchen space is going through a complete makeover this season. Rather than hide your kitchenware, why not expose it for everyone to see? As opposite to cabinets, open shelves offers easy access to the things you need most. When everything is in plain sight, the kitchen looks personalized, airier and livelier.



Kitchen wallpaper

Have you ever thought of adorning your cooking zone with wallpaper? This new trend has starting creating quite the buzz. Wallpapers are a smart way of adding visual impact into the design of a kitchen; the contract is beautiful, striking and out of the ordinary. That’s what homeowners need in 2015 – ingenious kitchens that scream authenticity. Don’t use wallpaper to dress up white walls and have them installed in unexpected ways – such as on your refrigerator, on the ceiling, above the oven, etc.

Painted kitchens

Painted kitchens are another excellent way of improving the overall allure of your cooking space. This painted-kitchensyear, pastels are in trend and they can be used in combination with warm nuances, too. For example, if your walls are darker, you can always light up your kitchen by painting cabinets in light blue. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers to brighten your cooking zone and make it welcoming for family and friends.

White cabinets

Custom-made cabinets pained in white are a smart way of renovating a kitchen without spending a lot of money. As opposite to other color palettes, white has one major advantage – versatility. This means that it goes perfectly with modern, traditional, and vintage-inspired kitchens. If your space is particularly small and cluttered, painting the cabinets in white will instantly make more room.

Brass and steel appliances

Both of these materials are in trend this year. Stainless steel makes a kitchen seem minimalistic. The silver nuances of this material adds sophistication, richness and extravagance into your kitchen, not to mention that it goes perfectly with wooden furniture and tile floorings. As for brass, the antique allure of this alloy makes kitchens seem vintage-inspired, comfortable, yet sleek. You can opt for handles and knobs made of brass, but you can also choose brass decorations.

21st century cabinets

If you can afford to invest, do it and opt for 21st century kitchen cabinets with floating units, touch-latch fronts to eliminate hardware and systems with sliding doors. As for the surfaces of your cabinets, bamboo, aluminum, semi-translucent glass and high-gloss lacquer are in trend this season. However, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on new cabinetry, you can work with what you have and try out a DIY project. There are many kitchen cabinets makeover tutorials you can try out to revamp your kitchen and make it look more sophisticated than ever before.


Proper storage

Renovating a kitchen is easier said than done, especially when you’re dealing with a small space. Thankfully, proper storage will help you keep everything neat and tidy. Start by investing in multi-functional furniture. Purchase chairs with hidden compartments, and make sure your kitchen island has lot of drawers and shelves. This way you’ll be able to stay organized without struggling too much.

Redesigning your old kitchen and changing its general appearance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Repainting cabinets, adding wallpapers, and buying accessories with great impact will make a huge difference. For some more ideas on how to renovate a cooking space, check the web for some useful tutorials. You’ll be amazing of how much you can achieve when the right guidelines are at your fingertips.

Erin Emanuel


  1. I’m thinking of a kitchen renovation, and I love all these ideas! I never thought of using wallpaper, but I think that would be a great way to add a pop of color and pattern. Do you need to treat it any special way to prevent water damage? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Before planning a kitchen renovation. Explore first for a favorite kitchen decor and great ideas. Thank you for sharing it. What a great tips to include.

  3. Amazing Kitchen interior designs. Just love fresh flowers in the kitchen along with light color theme paint.

  4. These are really amazing kitchen decoration and designs. These are simple and easy ways to change the whole look of kitchen. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Often the simple designs look better on the kitchens. White cabinets with fresh color on the walls make the kitchen more vibrant. It doesn’t need a lot of investment while you renovate your kitchen in the right way with a good strategy. If you can’t think of any good idea that will revamp the look of your kitchen, then it’s better to hire a qualified kitchen professional who have years of experience in designing kitchen and can suggest the best kitchen accessories that will dazzle your kitchen with a complete new look. Anyways, thanks for your valuable ideas.

  6. I have a smaller kitchen and am looking into remodeling it. I like everything you mentioned! I especially liked to make sure to add drawers that are deep and wide to help the small kitchen be more space efficient. I will definitely have to contact my contractor to see if we can add the deep and wide drawers. Thanks for all your helpful information!

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