12 Innovative Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

A kitchen is known to be one of the most essential part of a house. For a homemaker, it is the powerhouse of a home. A scrumptious platter of delicacies cannot really be created in a dingy and boring kitchen. So, imparting an infallible and striking ambience is something that you must plan on doing whenever you refurbish or decorate your home from scratch.

Nowadays, there are a number of items of décor which can be used to impart a decorative look to the kitchen. Wallpapers are one of these popular items which are widely brought into use by people. These wall coverings are available in different patterns, designs and materials, which is why they can be easily used to spruce up the look of one’s kitchen.  A lot of kitchen wallpaper ideas are floating around over the Internet these days. We have picked some of the finest for you. These are some striking and ingenious ideas which can help you lift up the décor and style of the kitchen. Check out 12 cool and innovative kitchen wallpaper ideas here. Most of these can be availed by you through the popular online store, HomestoreOnline. These will help you reformulate the kitchen.


1. The Plaid Breakfast Wallpaper:

With this funky wallpaper covering the walls of your kitchen, you can give it a delightful look. Set the mood for morning meals by using this smart Plaid Breakfast Wallpaper in your kitchen. It features an American Breakfast laid before you; a cool option to go with.

Breakfast Wallpaper2. Pineapple Wallpaper:

Bright and colorful, this Pineapple wallpaper is a marvelous option to pick for the kitchen. Choose a wall with maximum area and cover it up with this wallpaper. You can paint the rest of the walls of your kitchen in a color that matches with the wallpaper.

Pineapple Wallpaper3. Brewing Coffee Wallpaper:

If you have chosen to get the walls of your kitchen in the color brown and beige, this wallpaper will act as the perfect accessory. It will light add up an element of style to your home.

Brewing Coffee Wallpaper4. Cute Cupcakes Wallpaper:

This wallpaper will look elegant in your kitchen, whether you get your walls painted pink or yellow. It is a cute wallpaper which can really help you in adding a delightful look. You can even choose to cover up all the walls with this wallpaper. If you have small kids at home, this is a perfect wall cover to use.

Cute Cupcakes Wallpaper5. The Italian Cuisine Wallpaper:

If you are a lover of the Italian cuisine, make it a point to use this wallpaper in your kitchen. You will be able to create an Italian ambience in your kitchen. You’ll stay inspired to cook pizzas and pastas for your fam8ily each day.

Italian Cuisine Wallpaper6. Yummy Cake Wallpaper:

Do you have a sweet spot for desserts? If yes, this cake print wallpaper will add just the required amount of style to your kitchen. Choose it and give your kitchen a cozy yet stunning look.

Yummy Cake Wallpaper7. Ham and Meat Wallpaper:

For those who love gorging onto non-vegetarian delicacies, this Ham and Meat Wallpaper is a superb one to choose. It is a superb wallpaper which you can use for your kitchen.

Ham and Meat Wallpaper8. Drink It Up Wallpaper:

This wallpaper is another stunning one that you can choose for your kitchen. It is a cool wallpaper idea to pick for the kitchens. You can use it in contrast with some bright pastel colors.

Drink It Up Wallpaper9. Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper:

The era of 50s and 60s can be created into your kitchen with the help of this classy Vintage Wallpaper. It is a brilliant piece of artwork that can make your kitchen a wonderful place to cook and dine.

Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper10. Easter Funny Bunny Wallpaper:

The Easter Funny Bunny Wallpaper is a classy wallpaper which you can use to give your kitchen a cool, classy and festive look. It can be used on all the walls together.

Easter Funny Bunny Wallpaper11. Fresh Fruit Wallpaper:

Fruity and tangy, this Fresh Fruit Wallpaper will add a brilliant look to your kitchen. This is a smart and funky option to go with. Match it up with red or yellow walls to give your kitchen a lively and bright look.

Fresh Fruit Wallpaper12. Baker’s Delight Wallpaper:

If you want to sharpen up your culinary skills, this gourmet-themed wallpaper is what you should opt for. This Baker’s Delight wallpaper is quite a fashionable wall covering to choose.

Baker’s Delight Wallpaper

Now that these 12 wallpapers are before you, choose the finest one and create a fine kitchen for yourself .



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  1. I’m trying to come up with a good wallpaper to use in my kitchen. I really like the look of the Italian Cuisine wallpaper! I love how it shows different food and landmarks of Italy.

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