How to Easily Install Laminate Wood Flooring

The kitchen is one of the most popular places in a house. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking, eating, watching TV, playing games or just talking. Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Because there is a lot of traffic in and out of the kitchen, the kitchen floor experiences a lot of wear and tear. The floor has to be cleaned and mopped quite often.

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To protect the floor one may be interested in adding laminate wood to the floor to protect it from all the wear and tear involved. Installing laminate wood is fairly easy. Laminate wood comes in many different designs and colors to fit the personality of the kitchen. This house job doesn’t take long and it doesn’t require a lot of strenuous work. It also doesn’t cost a lot. Home Depot Coupons are a great way to save money on laminate wood flooring. You can also save money by checking out coupon codes online.

The first part of the job is to make sure the floor is clean and dry. Once you’ve mopped and let the floor dry, start laying down the liner if the laminated floor requires one. There are many types of flooring that you don’t need a liner. If there is no liner needed, it’s even quicker and easier to install the wood flooring. Before you lay down the panels, be sure they are kept in the house 24 to 48 hours prior to installing them. This helps them warm up and become more flexible.

Follow these simple steps to install laminated wood panels in your kitchen.

1. Line the first board along the wall with the tongue part facing toward the wall. Be sure to leave a gap of about ¼ inches between the edge of the board and the wall. This can be done with the spacers that are provided to help you maintain that space.

2. Next. Lay the first row of panels from end to end. Measure and the cut out the last panel so that it fits the required length of the floor. This allows this cut piece of panel to be laid out for the second row. Be sure not to start the row at the same end.

3. Snap the first panel of the second row in place. Hold it at a near 45 degree angle and place it together so that it fits the tongue securely into the groove. Push down gently on the panel until it snaps and is lying flat.

4. While using the pull par, rubber tapping block and the mallet, tap and pull each panel length of strip firmly from end to end. This will allow them to be placed inside the groove as you pull and tap on them. Be sure the ends are securely snapped together. Proceed with each row in this manner.

5. You can add baseboards alongside the edge to cover up the gaps. Don’t secure the floor though to the wall. Only secure the baseboard or trim to the wall.

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