Landscaping Season Is Coming – 5 Great Ideas To Consider For Your Yard

Landscaping season is always fun for homeowners, but a lot of them get too ahead of themselves when trying to plan for their great landscaping ideas. Before we get to ideas, homeowners need to take stock. How large is the yard? Will children be playing there? What would homeowners like to do in their yards? Will guests or children be part of that? Once homeowners have answered these questions, they need to decide how much to spend on the ideas. Are they the DIY type or will they need a professional? If the land is hilly or dipping, professional help will be necessary.  Companies like Royal Building Supplies Ltd can help you with all of your landscaping needs. But if you want to go it alone, these ideas might help.

Landscaping Yard


1. Plants

If homeowners would like to nap in a hammock or eat at a picnic table, planting a garden in the backyard would surround both beautifully. If there are drainage problems, planting wetlands flowers and shrubs would dry it up. Placing flagstones down for a path through the garden could lead to a clearing with the hammock and picnic table. Sneak a sandbox in for the kids. The whole family will have a lovely hideaway. Homeowners could make it a theme garden by planting wildflowers, tropical plants or cottage flowers.

2. The Driveway

Landscaping around the driveway adds value and beauty to the yard. Line the drive with azalea bushes, train hydrangea to arch over the drive or build a rock wall along the drive. In front of the wall, plant ground cover like ivy or phlox. Behind the wall, plant tall shrubs like forsythia.

3. Stones

Rock gardens are all the rage. Among the stones, build a waterfall dribbling into a pool with lily pads. Surround the front yard rock garden and waterfall with bright flowers and flowering bushes. Make a stone path around the yard. Upon the stones, place a train set large enough to be seen by passersby. Build a flagstone patio in the backyard or an outdoor kitchen made with stone. Rock gardens and stone paths make uneven land look like it’s just part of the plan.

4. The Outdoor Room

Use the whole backyard for an outdoor room. In one portion, build an outdoor kitchen and living room. In another portion, build a kids’ playroom. Surrounding all this should be user-friendly plants and shrubbery. Kids love honeysuckle and willow trees, so build them a sandbox beneath the willow tree and place their jungle gym beside the honeysuckle. Planters and hanging plants surrounding the outdoor kitchen and living space will look pretty.

5. Pools

Planting around a swimming pool can bring bees and other pests. Building a non-plant poolscape will jazz up the yard. Everyone enjoys swimming pools, and they just add so much value and wealth to your home. You’ll also be able to throw some of the best parties in the neighborhood!

Erin Emanuel

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas on rock gardens! I think that a waterfall would look beautiful in my backyard! I am also a huge fan of rock paths. They add an organic look to a yard that cement can’t duplicate.

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