Top Landscaping Tips for Protecting Your Home

Many homeowners choose their landscaping components based on aesthetics and function. One factor that some forget to take into consideration is whether their landscaping is protecting their home from intruders. The fact is, some types of landscaping can deter burglars, and others can actually help them accomplish their mission of entering your home without being detected. How does your yard stack up against would-be intruders? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

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Thieves want to stay out of thorny situations

The less convenient you make it for a burglar to hang around your house, the more likely he is to simply move along. Roses, cacti and other prickery plants can put a literal thorn into an intruder’s side. If you have small children, you might need to avoid thorny bushes, but otherwise, feel free to plant them in areas that might protect potential access points to your home.

Don’t provide a hiding place

Large bushes near windows or those that block others from seeing your home can be nice when it comes to privacy… both for you and for a would-be intruder! It’s best not to give a thief places to hide if he were to scope out your home. Trim them to a maximum of three feet tall in order to reduce the chance that someone unsavory can slip behind them unnoticed.

Light up the night

Motion sensors can light up your yard when someone (or something) walks by. This can startle a burglar enough to convince him to be on his way. Two caveats: First, put the sensors in a place that isn’t easily accessed from the ground, so there’s less of a chance it will be tampered with. Second, make sure that the light going on and off is situated in a way that it won’t be shining in your windows and annoying you. Otherwise, you may get frustrated and unplug the whole thing, rendering it useless and eliminating the benefits.

Magnify the pitter patter of unwanted feet

Some homeowners like to use gravel in flower beds or even in walkways. This makes it impossible for a prowler to be able to walk around silently. When every step sounds crunchy, that can convince someone up to no good to find someone else to bother.

Prune trees near the house

If you have trees close to your house, prune the branches from the bottom seven or eight feet. This makes it much harder for a burglar to use the tree to gain access to your second-story windows. In the same respect, don’t leave ladders or anything else that can be used as a climbing aid laying around. When you’re done doing your yardwork, lock up your ladder in your garage or shed.

Taking the time to give your house a good once-over can pay off when it comes to protecting your home from thieves. In some areas, the local police department will even walk your property with you, giving you suggestions for making your landscaping more burglar-proof. Following some of these tips can help keep you and your belongings safe from those with dubious intent.

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Jason Craycraft is the Owner of Omniscapes Landscaping and serves the greater Columbus, Ohio area. Omniscapes specializes in residential and commercial landscaping and hard landscaping.

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