Latest Gadgets to Protect Your Family

The crime rate is increasing with every passing day, and it is becoming really difficult for the police force and the crime department to collect important evidence to prove the guilt of a criminal. There are lots of spy products that are specifically designed to help police and crime departments. The spy products and gadgets are smaller in size and can store an extensive amount of data for your help.

The data can be retrieved easily to present it to concerned personnel. The products can be used very smartly; therefore, these are being used by the police department to trace and catch the activities of criminals. The products are really useful even for husband and wife to keep an eye on each other. While doing these types of jobs, you have to protect your home as well. If you want the best device for the protection of your home, wireless home security systems will be a good choice for you.


GPS Tracking Device

The GPS tracking device is designed to track the actual location of a person or asset. The device has a GPS antenna that is highly sensitive. The device is easy to use, just charge it and place in a vehicle, bag or any other valuable item. Due to its smaller size, it can be easily fit into your palm. Its battery life is almost 150 hours, and an integrated motion sensor helps you to keep the device in standby mode in the idle stand to save battery life. You can also get a GPS with extraordinary battery life and magnetic waterproof cover. It is a secure system to track the exact location of any person and item.

Secret Pen Voice Recorder

It is a smart voice recorder with secrete switch and sensitive microphone inside the pen to capture the good quality of sounds. The battery can be charged via USB port, and its total life is 12 hours. You can take this pen to seminars and meetings to record all important points. It is available with a remote control and headphone to listen to the playback recording.

Mini Keychain Spy Camera

Camera Ip

It is a perfect choice to record important evidence because it looks like a simple alarm remote available easily all around the world. It helps you to record full motion and high-quality color video. A USB port is available to charge it via computer, and you can directly save its footages on your hard drive. Its battery life is almost 2 hours with 8GB memory to store a recording of 3 hours.

Keychain Voice Recorder

It is an excellent voice recorder with 10-hour battery life. It can record high-quality audios, and it is really simple to activate with the simple twist of the cap. The voice recordings are available in MP3 format, and one charge may last for 10 hours. You can save all important files in it because it features a 4GB of memory.

Leather Watch Hidden Camera

The pretty leather watch has a pinhole camera to record high-resolution videos and still images. Its total memory is 4 GB that is enough to secure your data. You can get a video recording of 2 hours, and the videos are saved in AVI format. You can directly charge the device with the help of an AV output cable.

Erin Emanuel