Steps to do Leather Renovation at Home

Leather sofas and chairs offer both practicality and a timeless aesthetic, due to the durable qualities of the fabric. Brand new, leather is striking and classic, however, once worn, a leather chair offers a certain charm and character that money simply can’t buy!

As leather matures the unique cracks and crinkles tell a story and the piece becomes more beautiful with the wear and tear. As an investment item, you’ll definitely want to look after your leather furniture to maximize its lifespan. There are some simple steps you can take at home, to revamp your leather and give it a new lease of life.

Leather Renovation

To Begin

The important element to begin with is preparation.  For good R silts, you need to clean the leather as well as possible.  All products can be purchased from Robinson of England

Step 1:

Clean leather using detergent based leather cleaner.

Step 2:

Thoroughly rub leather using preparation fluid in a well-ventilated area

Step 3:

Lightly apply adhesion solution to all areas requiring re-colouring

Step 4:

Using a sponge apply leather pigment lightly and drying using a hairdryer.  Repeat this process until desired depth of colour is acquired.

(A small domestic compressor and air gun could also be used for this step)

Step 5:

Once the coloured pigment has dried apply the leather “finish” which can have a matt, satin or gloss finish as you prefer.  Again, use a hair dryer to dry each application.  Apply 2-3 layers evenly.

Erin Emanuel