Led Lys – Illumination Source of the Future

You simply cannot avoid or ignore Led lys any longer.The discovery of the incandescent light bulb and electricity are arguably, two of the most important landmarks in the history of mankind. However, the humble light bulb, or even the fluorescent and CFL lamps are slowly on their way out. Lamps dependant of light emitting diodes as their source of illumination are slowly, but surely, replacing them. There are several reasons for this. A typical incandescent lamp consumes 100 watts of power per hour. The fluorescent and CFL lamps provide the same luminosity while consuming less power. The arrival of the light emitting diodes has upped the ante even more. A typical Led lys used to illuminate streets far less power and provides much more illumination.

English: Blue light emitting diodes Español: L...Since the light emitting diode is a solid state device, it lasts much longer than the other types of bulbs described above. It is also much cheaper and is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. The tiny red, orange, or green light present on the control panel of electronic devices, use these bulbs. A typical light emitting diode that consumes 13 watts of power, provides the same amount of illumination that one gets from a 100 watt incandescent lamp. This means the Led lys will decrease your energy bills by a significant amount. However, with the present technology, the amount of energy savings between CFL and LED that provide the same luminance is not too much. However, the day is not far off when this gap will increase.


Since lux (a unit of measuring illuminance, which is equivalent to one lumen/square metre) is application dependant, you can get more illuminance from a given light source by moving it closer to the area you intend to illuminate. The biggest advantage of the Led lys, over other types of lamps, is their size and their longevity. This humble little lamp has invaded our lives as nothing else has. The latest generation of television sets boasts of LED displays, and this is just the beginning. The modern generation sign boards display ads with the help of microprocessor controlled miniature light emitting diodes. The illumination power of these lamps is so brilliant that one can view them, even if bright sunshine is falling on them directly.

Like the CFL, the light emitting diode is considered a cold source of power. Since they do not contain any filament, these lamps do not heat up while turned on; thereby saving energy that is wasted in the form of heat by traditional lamps. These modern generation lamps work on the principle of electroluminescence. This term refers to certain materials that emit light when electricity power is applied. These diodes are used in a host of applications. They are used in street lamps, torches, television sets, and much more. The construction of a typical LED lamp is quite complex, and explaining it is beyond the scope of this post. The biggest advantage of these lamps is that they do not release any carbon. It is time you saved on your power bills and played your part in protecting the ecology by opting for lighting gadgets running on Led lys.

Erin Emanuel