Five Lighting Options to Brighten your Home this Christmas

The festive season is with us once again which means it is time to brighten up your home with tinsel, glitter, decorations and lighting. And the lighting is a fantastic way to create a festive atmosphere in your home.

If you would like to create a special ambience, this Christmas there are loads of lighting options to choose from. They range from things as small as fairy lights to grand chandeliers, and combined correctly they can make your home a magical grotto for kids and adults alike. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at five fab festive lighting options that could work for you:

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1) LED lighting
LED lighting is increasingly popular these days because of how long they last and LED lighting could be the ideal way to brighten up your home for Christmas. An LED Chinese lantern set may not be traditional (unless you’re Chinese) but this is a great way to add light and color to your property. There are also some superb Santa wreaths which feature LED lights which could be ideal for your front door.

2) Chandeliers
To add a little occasion to your festive festivities you could splash out on a chandelier. A classical crystal style design could be the perfect way to add class and light to your home, or maybe a more modern design would suit your property better. If you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on your lighting you could even create your own DIY version. This can be done with a simple light fitting, some coat hangers or wire and a selection of glass jars. Pieces of mirror will also cast light around your room in a unique way and this is sure to intrigue your party guests.

3) Outdoor lighting

Image Credit: LED Lights

If you have a patio heather or chiminea your Christmas guests might want to enjoy a festive beverage outside under the stars. However you will need some lighting so that people can see what they are doing and there are some amazing outdoor lighting options available to allow this and to create a lovely ambience. You can choose between traditional looking lanterns or more sleek, modern bulkhead designs which are very popular at the moment.

4) Fairy lights
It’s just not Christmas without fairy lights. Whether they are strewn all over your tree or along banisters they add an unmistakable festive magic and they are very inexpensive.

5) Novelty lights
If there is ever a time for novelty then Christmas is it. And there are plenty of types of novelty Christmas lighting available to choose from. Of course there are colored fairy lights to decorate your tree and colored light bulbs to give your home a party feel. You could also buy a few faux candles which are actually flickering electric bulbs – they look great and there is no danger of them being spilled or causing any danger.

Light up your home this Christmas and create a fantastic festive atmosphere with the illuminating options above.

Erin Emanuel