Lighting Solutions for a Better Home

Lightning is of outmost importance when it comes to the atmosphere of the house. It is a big topic and studies were done for every room type in the house, as well as open floor plans and exterior of the house. Here we will sum up some of the ideas and present several lightning solutions you could implement in your home. Each of them can be additionally modified and further personalized according to special requirements.

lighting solutions for home



Being an often used area, a standard ceiling light is probably something you should aim for. You need every shelf and cornervisible to ease your everyday cleaning. For work area you could use task lights since they are shadow-less and shine directly to the surface, helping you concentrate on preparing meals. Task lights are a good solution to your dinning room, too.


Discrete wall lights have always looked great in hallways.They create a discreet atmosphere and allude class and anyone who steps in your home is bound to notice them first. If you decorate the walls with family photos or paintings, the hallway could convey a scene of some royal establishment.

wall lamps


This is a place where you probably spend most of your family time. That is why a soft and warm atmosphere is what you should strive for. Chandeliers or ceiling lights, with installed dimmers are a universal solution. These are especially useful, as they will save you some money when turned down and you can always maximize them when needed. If you want to enhance the cozy atmosphere of a nice family evening, lower the intensity to suit your preferences.  Floor lamps are a great addition here and a beautiful atmosphere builder. Carefully positioned, they will provide original shade patterns, especially if put in the corners and dimmer-controlled.



Avoid any strong lights here. If you prefer a romantic atmosphere, remote controlled wall lights are available at affordable prices and you can practically customize the room over and over again. If you are a bedtime reader, table lamps come in beautiful and unique designs nowadays and you will certainly be able to find one for yourself.

table lamps


There is no need for strong lights here either. Carefully placed wall lights will give interesting accents and a strip light, with its shadow-less characteristic and luminous but pleasant light, placed above your mirror, will enable you to put make up easily or to shave precisely. You can also play with battery charged fixtures placed inside your bath, to achieve swimming pool-kind of effect.


Less is more applies here too. If you light up certain areas, you will darken other. Position light fixtures throughout your garden, in places where you want to emphasize something, a tree, a plant, or a pool, for example. Wall mounted lights are welcomed, they provide certain charm to the house. Also, have safety in mind, light up the entrance and use quality light fixtures; they are supposed to withstand the weather changes.

As you might have concluded by now, there are many different solutions when it comes to home lighting and choosing the one for you depends mostly on personal taste. Some solutions like floor lamps and chandeliers are implemented easily while others like wall lights demand a bit of an effort. Either way,knowing what you want to achieve with the light setting will help you to successfully implement your ideas.

Erin Emanuel