A NYC Locksmith Explains Why High Security Locks are Different from Standard Locks

If you have ever shopped for commercial locks or residential locks, you have most likely heard locksmiths talk about high security locks and standard locks. But, you may have dismissed this as a marketing buzzword or industry jargon. Nevertheless, high security locks have earned their title over the years due to their high performance in several ways. Essentially, these locks make life easier for property owners and tougher for burglars.

For a lock to be a high security lock, it must be more expensive and time-consuming to defeat than it might seem. On the other hand, standard locks come with fewer features for enhancing security. They are also less expensive and their designs are simpler. A locksmith NYC explains some of the reasons why high security locks are different from standard locks.

Resistance to Forced Entry

Locks are generally made using corrosion resistant materials. These include bronze, steel, or brass. High security locks are hardened further to make them resistant to the tools that burglars use to attack them such as saws, electric drills, and chisels. This makes them better in terms of providing security than standard locks.

Manipulation Resistance

High security locks come with a design that enables them to resist lock picking, impressioning, and key bumping. Their security features include security pins that trigger locking of the internal pins when burglars try to use something else apart from their key to defeat them. Although some standard locks may use security pins, they are not common.

Key Control

High security lock companies patent-protect high security locks using key bows and warding patterns to ensure that unauthorized manufacturing doesn’t occur. Extra security is also required when it comes to identification during duplication of the keys. Creating keys for standard locks is fairly easy. This is very risky because copied keys can make even a modern locking unit useless. That’s why high security system manufacturers take a step further to ensure that keys to high security locks are not duplicated without authorization.

Key control enables you to ensure special restriction so that only approved providers of duplication services can copy the keys of high security locks. What’s more, high security locks have unique angles that can only be cut using a special machine for cutting keys.

Pick and Drill Resistance

A major reason why you should invest in high security locks is the weakness of the standard locks to picking and drilling. Standard locks come with standard pin-and-tumbler locks that are easily compromised with bumping. This is a lock picking method that entails the use of a special key to manipulate their lock pins into brief opening. Thieves use different techniques and tools such as bumper keys to compromise standard locks. However, they move on once they encounter a roadblock.

High security locks on the other hand have key cylinders that are resistant to picking and drilling. Their sidebars, steel inserts, and rotating pins have hardened steel. These are some of the features that are designed to resist any break-in attempt that may include bumping attacks.

Heavy Duty Hardware

Some environments require extra protection. For instance, areas that are subject to harsh physical conditions and high traffic can have added strain that is placed on the locks. As such, standard-grade hardware may not be sufficient. Heavy-duty architectural grade locks are ideal for such environments. High security locks are made to maintain high security level even under extensive use or difficult conditions. They can be certified against things like windstorms and they are also fire-rated. They come with heavy-duty hardware that may include heavy-gauge steel and steel throws mechanisms that enable them to resist crowbar and sawing attacks.

Security Layering

To be high security, locks must go past the physical measures like electrical or mechanical locks. It also implies application of multiple security layers. These include video surveillance, access control, intrusion software and alarms. These components enable high security locks to provide protection to even the most sensitive environments. What’s more, most high security locks offer high retrofitting and compatibility level. Wireless solutions allows for more flexibility when it comes to building a customized security system. Additionally, availability of these solutions means high security should no longer have high maintenance or cost.

Evidence of Attempted Break-in

This is another major reason why high security locks are different from standard locks. Since high security locks are resistant to picking, bumping, and tempering, introducers turn to other means like lock drilling using high-end bit, high powered drill, or cutting them off using a torch. These attempts leave obvious signs of an attempted break in.

On the other hand, standard locks are easy to unlock without entry signs. That’s why you should go for high security locks since entry attempt evidence is very important. Many robbery cases are no noticed until later days or hours when items go missing. In fact, some homeowners have opened their properties without forced entry signs only to find burglars inside.

With high security locks, you realize that something is wrong and inform the police even before you get into your building. This may seem like a minor advantage but you will know its importance when you find intruders in your home.

Advanced Security

High security locks provide advanced security. They come in electronic and mechanical formats that have all types of locking features and mechanisms. For instance, without their keys, high security locks do their job effectively. This forces intruders to turn to other methods of intruding a building such as kicking a door or breaking a window. This creates noise that draws considerable attention thereby deterring potential intruders from doing anything else. If you are at home when this happens, you will notice the noise and respond properly.

Standard locks on the other hand can be unlocked without noise. This can lead to a terrifying silent entry where the intruders can be in your bedroom anytime without your realization.

If unsure about the product to buy for your property, it’s important that you check the specs to compare them more accurately. You can also talk to a reputable local locksmith about high security locks and your needs to make a more informed decision.

Erin Emanuel