Great Interior Design Ideas for Loft Conversions

As a homeowner, converting your loft not only allows you to create a brand new functional room upstairs, but also gives you the opportunity to add that much-needed aesthetic value to your home. However, it is a challenging task that always requires proper planning, creative thinking, and perfect execution. The following are some of the most innovative loft conversion ideas that you can implement in your home:

Loft Conversion

Keep the Decoration Simple

To make the space appear larger and brighter, it is a good idea for you to keep the décor simple and get space-saving furniture. Use neutral light colors such as white or light blue to paint the walls and don’t forget to hang your favorite family photos or wallpapers.

Build Convenient Storage

By storing your vital items such as jewelry, shoes, clothes, and books in an orderly manner, you will always maintain a neat and beautiful room. Consider going for bespoke storage units with sliding doors because they take up little space and are very attractive in nature. To make your loft space appear larger and allow light to bounce around the room, you can buy units with mirrored surfaces.

Fit Good Lighting

A good loft should have decorative lights. If your room gets very little light during the day, consider getting halogen light bulbs. These lights mimic daylight and are very capable of giving your architectural features and photos a more vibrant appearance. Put all the switches beside the bed so that you can control the lights easily.

Build In a Small Balcony

Apart from allowing you to relax and enjoy some fresh air as you watch the birds and nearby trees, the balcony is also a good place to grow your favorite houseplants and flowers. Before you start fitting in the balcony, be sure to check out your local council’s planning rules and follow them to the letter.

Install Large Windows

Large windows allow in as much light as possible and provide essential ventilation. They also look good and offer mesmerizing views of the surrounding areas. There is a wide variety of conventional large windows available in the market today. Other than the tilt-and-turn windows, you can also opt for dormer windows, Velux skylights or awning windows.

Squeeze In a Bathroom

A loft bathroom is one of the most valuable features that you can plan for. Due to its small size, a loft bathroom does not require a lot of accessories like the master bathroom. Therefore, be sure to equip it with a small number of accessories that fit it well. You can look for inventive features such as wall-hung basins and tapered shower heads that are very capable of making the most of the available space.

Soundproof the Floors

To avoid causing problems for people watching television or studying below, it is very important for you to soundproof your loft floor. You can contact your local flooring experts to get soundproofing techniques or ask them to do the task for you.

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Erin Emanuel

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  1. You have covered most things with this blog. It’s important to get as much light into a new Loft Conversion as possible because of the roof light/velux widows. Most customers usually opt for 3 big ones as opposed to the standard 2 small ones.

    Loft Conversions are gaining more popularity and they are one of our busiest services that we cover at the moment.

    Many people tend to overlook soundproofing unless living in flats. Soundproofing is important especially if you have a teenager with a passion for a drum kit or other musical instruments.

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