Looking After Oak Furniture

Caring for Oak furniture

Oak furniture is desired by many when designing a home due to the elegant and expensive appearance it has.  Oak furniture is fantastic as it is hard wearing and durable, and looks naturally beautiful without appearing overly manufactured like other types of wood and wood substitutes.  It is for the reasons above that many opt for oak furniture, however if it is not cared for correctly unfortunately it will not stay like this forever, therefore it is essential that consumers understand how to get the most out of their furniture.

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Caring for your furniture

The care for your furniture will differ drastically depending on whether you are keeping it within your house, or outside.

Oak kept inside

If you have purchased a piece of oak furniture for inside your house, you will need to condition it with either wax or oil to protect it from cracking, and any potential stains which may occur due to spillages etc.  For the first few years of owning your furniture it would be advisable to oil/wax at least once every few months.  After a couple of years this can be dropped to twice a year.

How do you apply the wax/oil?

Wax and oil should be applied in the direction of the grains.  By running your hand along the wood you should be able to feel the direction as it will glide smoothly.  For optimum results you should use beeswax.

Cleaning your furniture

Oak is a natural material and should therefore be treated in the same way when cleaning.  Use natural oil based cleaners only and avoid at all costs harsh chemicals.  They may wipe away all traces of dirt and germs, but will leave your furniture looking tired.  When dusting use a soft damp cloth with a little linseed oil instead of water.

Oak kept outside

Garden oak furniture requires a different level of care to oak kept inside.  If it is untreated oak it does not require anything more than regular conditioning.  Use lemon oil instead of linseed oil as this can lead to mildew if it is not completely dried.  As the furniture will be exposed to a number of different weather conditions such as wind, rain, and sun exposure, you will need to protect it in order to extend its lifespan.  The best way to do this is to water proof it using an oil based stain.

Stains and scratches

Whether your furniture is kept inside or outside the biggest nightmare for oak furniture owners are scratches and stains.  To easily remove stains, simply apply a little butter that should be left overnight.  In the morning remove the butter with a clean cloth.

If your furniture has become scratched you will need to sand it down, however if the scratch is very large you may need to call in an expert.

Ultimately, oak furniture is an investment in your home, therefore follow these simply steps and your furniture will be kept looking as good as new for many years to come.

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