Loving the House You Have: Redecorating Tips for a Fresh New Look

There are usually one of two reasons why people choose to redecorate their home: either they are tired of the old look, or there is something in the design they never liked in the first place. Perhaps your original decorations are becoming outdated or stale, or maybe you’ve just always hated that extra alcove and don’t know what to do with it. Successfully redecorating involves first deciding what it is you don’t like about your home as it is now, and deciding how you want to change it. You don’t necessarily have to be a master decorator to get things changed the way you want. All you need is a decor plan and some tips on how to save money. Here are some ideas to help you get started loving the house you have right now.

Add Natural Touches


Natural woods, natural stones, and flowers make a home feel more comfortable luxuriant. It’s a great way to make the outdoors come to you, especially in colder climate. Try wood paneling on a wall, natural stone kitchen counters, and fresh potted flowers in key spots in your home. If you lack the money for granite or natural stone counters, have a Princeton Classic Homes builder come in and replace your bathroom counter only in granite or marble. Although the effect is small, it will make a noticeable difference in the feel of your home. Natural mimics of nature might be just what you need for a complete decoration turn around.

Change Your Ceiling Fixtures

It’s amazing how much better a room can look with a little more light. Classic older homes have a lot of beautiful architectural features in them, but without sufficient light, they remain hidden. Perhaps you have a room without a lot of windows and you’ve begun using it a lot more. For a completely new look, add new ceiling fixtures or a lighted ceiling fan or chandelier. Figure out what are the best features of your home and add light to them. Under-cabinet lights, string lights, and free-standing lamps can be added to punch up the light in a room and showcase special areas. It might be cheaper to get lamps or string lights, and they can really highlight special areas and give a good ambience.

Paint Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper has all but gone out of vogue in today’s homes, perhaps because of the difficulty of removing it when homeowners want to redecorate. Wallpaper can define a room, but when the design is the wrong color or the pattern is too loud, it becomes difficult to match other items in the room to its design.

You may have been looking at your wallpaper and wishing you could change it, but you are uncertain how to do so. Some modern wallpapers are designed to be easily removed, but if that is not possible, you may want to check into painting over it. There are special paint primers available that can prepare a wallpaper surface to be painted, so ask your supply store what they recommend. You can also go for a decorative wall stamp to personalize a space with a simple-to-remove sticker.

Add More Storage Units

Sometimes the problem is not that the design of a home is wrong, but simply that there isn’t enough space to go around. When rooms are too cluttered because there isn’t enough storage space, no amount of beautiful interior design will do any good. Take a sharp look at the rooms in your home which seem to be too small and overly cluttered, then pay a visit to your hardware to get some new storage ideas. You may only need some new shelving units, a portable wardrobe unit, or a couple of fancy dressers to substantially improve the look of the room. It may make the space feel smaller with a new bulky cabinet, but getting smaller clutter out of the way can make everything more streamlined.

Redecorating Tips

Change Your Window Coverings
There are so many window coverings available now, it’s easy to redecorate a room just by changing out the curtains. Try switching out the texture, pattern, or colors to something completely different from what you had before. Alter the look of the room even more by changing the type of window covering you use, such as going from curtains to blinds, or leave the window undressed with the exception of a valance at the top. Finish off by changing some of the furniture in the room to match, or purchase a bright new bedspread.

Redecorating can be a small or large project, but either way it will have the same effect of revitalizing your home experience. Just make sure you stay within a budget and have a good plan lined up before you start designing.


Erin Emanuel