Latest trends and amazing fusions in luxury furniture design

Modern trends in 2015 for interior design are focused on creating luxurious and serene environments, while making use of versatile design concepts and creative recycling to make environmentally conscious furnishings. A mix of materials, influences, and styles combine to create design approaches that are modern and unique. You may find gilded antiques, carved wood, glass furniture, or industrial metals. All are used to create interesting and memorable spaces for work and life. Here are some of the latest trends in luxury furnishings for 2015.

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Modern design materials

Natural materials like wood, metal, stone and glass, dominate the latest design trends. Furnishings utilize natural elements, organic shapes, and natural textures, to create a contemporary decorations, eco-friendly design style. Metal is often combined with wood details, both for furniture and decorative accessories. Salvaged wood, metal and stone are particularly popular. Designers make good use of rustic wood surfaces, exotic or stained shades of wood, warmly glowing bronze, and luxurious marble and granite. Unique furniture pieces that utilize a variety of styles bring this trend to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Organic design and green themes

Another interior design trend to watch in 2015 is the use of green spaces. Glass walls and large windows bring the outside in, while green walls and patterns inspired by nature carry the natural theme throughout the space. Fabrics and wallpapers with floral prints are popular, as are indoor water features, and other nature-inspired decorative elements. Furniture is also created to display plants and flowers, such as tables or bed headboards with integrated plant stands, or trellises used as interior room dividers.

organic furniture design

Fusion of old and new styles

In 2015, designers are looking to different eras, and using a fusion of styles from old and new times to create a unique new look. Blending both classic and fresh influences creates comfortable, functional, and interesting living spaces. Look for natural color schemes, organic shapes, and soft curving lines. Bold accents are used to add dramatic design elements and liven up a space.

Recycle and reuse

The environmental concepts of reuse and recycling have found their way into the design trends for 2015. Materials for furnishings can be scavenged from older sources, or fabricated from recycled metal or plastic. Second hand furniture can be refinished and reused, adding a touch of the past to a room. Reusing and recycling furniture, decorative elements, and materials leads to eco-friendly design and a unique style.

Contemporary design color schemes

Many designers now are turning to a theme of natural room colors and soft pastels, and neutral color schemes with black, creamy white, and shades of grey. These classic shades bring beautiful contrast to a space, with a soothing feel. Other designers favor richer, brighter room colors. They choose shades of brown, together with granite grey and natural leafy greens, to create a vibrant color scheme with the colors of nature. For bolder, more dramatic spaces, current color trends include mauve, pink, rich shades of blue and purple, and mustard yellow.

contemporary furniture colors

Glass furniture trends

Glass can be an extremely versatile material. Often used for windows and cabinet doors, glass has finally become a stand-alone material for more luxurious home décor pieces, such as tables, consoles, bookcases, chairs, and more. Whether you’re decorating your home in a classic style, or you like more urban influences, adding furniture made of glass is an excellent choice.

A coffee table made of translucent glass with wooden legs for instance, can beautifully compliment a boring, unappealing living area. As opposite to wood and other materials for living room furniture, glass has reflective powers; this means it welcomes more natural light and it instantly widens and brightens your space. So if your space is constrained and cluttered, removing excess furniture and keeping items made of glass will completely change that room’s appeal.

Not every homeowner can afford to invest in designer glass furniture. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. You can have your items custom-made, or you can pay a visit to your local antique shop to see what you can find there. Latest trends in interior design are all about innovation; the more interesting your pieces are the higher chances you have to make your home look chic and stylish.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. I was always fascinated, even as a child, by ancient times and antiques. And, this fusion of new and old, is something I really appreciate. Thanks for sharing. Can you share some Italian Dining Tables Furniture designs too?

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