Maintaining Granite Worktops- A Guide for Busy Moms!

Granite worktops look stylish and add a touch of sophistication to your home. The homeowners have the opportunity to select the one which suits their needs and budget. Moreover, they are also very durable and heat resistant, making it perfect for kneading dough, preparing roll-out cookies and several other tasks.

Being a working woman and mother to two children, I have been always looking for solutions that save my time. For six days in a week, I hardly have time to take care for my home, kitchen, garden, and even myself. Among all the other section of my house, I love to spend some time in the kitchen. Making scrumptious and healthy food for my children is something which entertains me the most. Besides this, what bothers me is the hygiene in the kitchen space, as it affects the health of my family.

granite-worktops-kitchenEarlier we had marble worktops in our kitchen and it was very difficult to clean and maintain their shine. For removing stains from those worktops, greater efforts and cost was required. In all it was a daunting experience, as I was too busy with kids and office. Luckily, I got them replaced with stunning granite worktops and things got simpler for me. Granite is one of the hardest stone and a great building stone formed from the volcanic magma. When a friend of mine suggested me to get them replaced, I was worried about the taste of my kitchen. As I have been very selective, especially when it comes to kitchen I need everything perfect. But, to my surprise granite worktops were available in a wide range of colors!

If you are a busy mom like me, then here are few helpful tips and suggestions to take care of your granite worktops:

  • A specially formulated stone cleaner is a must have in your kitchen to keep the worktops in the best condition and protect the sealer. If you don’t have it, hot water can also work for quick clean-ups.
  • Although dish soap don’t permanently damage the granite tops, but the repeated usage will surely dull their shine. Make sure you don’t rely on dish soaps for their care.
  • The hot pots or pans can be put off the stove directly on the granite worktops. But, for a long life of your worktops, it is advisable to use trivets and hot pads.
  • Use cutting boards to avoid the possibility of scratching the surface, keeping them away from the knives.
  • For cleanliness and maintenance, use a dry and non-treated dust-mop. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, be very careful.
  • Say ‘no’ to generic cleaning products like bleach, vinegar, ammonia, lemon or orange cleaners, glass cleaners, de-greasers or any other common household cleaners.
  • Also, avoid sitting or standing on your worktops.
    Keep them clean and enjoy the time spent in kitchen to the most!

Author Bio:

Ryan Henderson is owner of Henderstone LTD, a leading online retailer of quality quartz, granite and other worktop variants for homes and offices in South East. He is passionate about all things related to home improvement. Now a specialist worktop supplier, he loves to write on related topics when he finds time from his hectic schedule.

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