Notes for Choosing and Maintaining Solid Wood Furniture


Tip 1: Smell

Most wood have costustoot. Pine wood has rosin. Camphorwood has camphor smell. But fibreboard and medium density fiberboard have strong pungent smell, especially at the cabinet door and in the drawer.

Tip 2: Watch

The main stress area of solid wood furniture, such as stand column and the bearing strip near floor that connecting stand column, should not have knurr or crack. The frame should be jointed firmly and there is no problem on the tenon. The component using artificial board on solid wood furniture should be processed with edge banding. The number of accessories for installation should be enough.

Choosing Solid Wood Furniture

Tip 3: Touch

Place your hand on the surface of furniture; check whether the burnishing surface is smooth, especially furniture leg; whether the pigment is painted smooth or not; whether the thickness of pigment on corner is equally distributed; whether there is crack or bubble on the paint.

Tip 4: Listen

Safety and stability is the performance that solid wood furniture must have. Open the cabinet door to 90 degree; pull the door slightly forward, the door should not close automatically. The glass on the bookcase door should be treated by edge grinding. Mirror should install postnotum. Dragging or throw small furniture like chair, stool, hanger slightly on the floor, if the sound is clear, then the producing technology and quality of furniture is good; if there is noise, the mortise must do not connect properly.

Other tips for choosing solid wood furniture:

The wood specie directly decides the price and quality of solid wood furniture. Common solid wood furniture usually uses beech, white oak, fraxinus mandschurica, elm, Chinese catalpa, rubber wood, Mongolica. Rare redwood furniture is made of rosewood, wenge, padauk. On the furniture market, the phenomenon of mixing the false with the genuine often appears.

When choosing furniture, some details should be pay attention to except appearance. For example, heavy furniture should add protection block with bolt at the corner. The backboard should also be installed tightly. Check whether the bottom of the furniture is processed properly by turns it over.

There are two kinds of solid wood furniture on the market: solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood furniture. The texture, toughing feel, colour and luster of imitation solid wood furniture is the same with solid wood furniture in appearance. In fact, imitation solid wood furniture is made of wood and artificial board.

The base material of solid wood veneering furniture is artificial board. It is just glue a layer of wood veneer on the surface. Customer must make clear of the material of furniture when shopping. Know the real name of solid wood. Ask the salesman whether it is pure solid wood furniture; where uses medium density fiberboard. Knock the furniture to check whether it is solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture will have ringing voice and artificial board will have low voice.

Maintaining tips for solid wood furniture:

Do not clean solid wood furniture with ethyl alcohol, gasoline and other chemical solvent. Clean the furniture in fixed period.

Avoid scratches caused by sharp object. Do not impact the furniture with hard metal product and other sharp objects.

Avoid moisture environment. In moist season, rubber mat should be used to separate the furniture from floor. Keep 0.5 to 1 cm interval between wall and furniture.

Provide good ventilation for the room placing newly bought furniture.

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Erin Emanuel

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  1. I like your comment on finding wood furniture that is built well. I would imagine that you would need to inspect it to be sure it will last a long time. I’m looking for wood furniture for my home so I’ll have to check how well it is built before I choose it.

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