Maintaining toilet cleanliness when hiring portaloos

There are a few things you’ll need to organise when putting together an event – such as an environment where your guests can eat, drink and be merry. In addition, you’ll need to arrange for a space where they can head to when nature calls. That’s why you should give some thought to hiring portaloos. Often companies go down this route because they are not equipped for so many people to use the toilets on their main premises, whereas other businesses – such as those holding an outdoor festival – don’t have access to a built-in lavatory for their guests. Luckily, getting hold of portaloos is easy and affordable – which means your only concern should be upholding their high level of cleanliness while they are in your possession. With this in mind, here’s what you need to know about maintaining cleanliness when hiring portaloos.

Portaloos can quickly become unclean

It’s not just bodily functions that can cause portaloos to quickly lose their squeaky clean appearance and become unpleasant. Instead, the units can quickly gather dirt just from the sheer amount of muddy shoes that will be walking through them. This, of course, is because portaloos are situated outside and people can have to walk through all sorts of grass and gravel to get to them, which therefore makes them more susceptible to gathering dirt.

It’s not just about appearance 

While you surely won’t want the toilets to become unsightly, it’s not just about the units’ appearance. After all, unclean spaces can be unhygienic – and this can cause people to become ill. Therefore you will need toilet facilities that have soap dispensers to keep your guests free from bacteria so they can avoid getting sick.

Guests won’t be happy 

During your event – whether you’re welcoming hundreds or thousands to attend – your main aim should be to have your guests smiling and enjoying the gathering. However, it becomes extremely hard to keep people happy if the toilet facilities are unclean and fall below expectations. In some cases, you could find that some individuals refuse to use the portaloos and make the decision to leave your event. Likewise, others could begin to voice their opinion by making complaints. This type of negativity could cast a shadow over your event and dampen the spirits of those in attendance.

Unclean toilets can cost you money

Yes, it’s true that unclean toilets can hit you in the wallet. In the short term, portaloos maintained to an unacceptable standard could cause people to ask for refunds if they’ve paid for entry. However, the long-term effects are even direr. The reputation of the event – as well as your personal standing – can be thrown into question. You may even find that as a result future events are scarcely attended.

You don’t have to clean yourself!!

The thought of rolling up your sleeves and cleaning the portaloos yourself might cross your mind for a brief second. But not only is this time-consuming, it’s also unnecessary. The best toilet hire companies will offer a cleaning service within the price of the package. This means that you can trust that your hired portaloos will always remain at an acceptable level of cleanliness. Some businesses will sometimes offer cleaning as an extra, but this comes with a charge and therefore isn’t as cost-effective.

Erin Emanuel