Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

energy-efficient-air-conditionerKeeping your air conditioner properly functional is crucial as it cools your home and gives your family members comfortable interiors to relax and enjoy their activities. If you are worried about how to deal with those hottest summer days, simply getting an air conditioner installed will help you beat the heat. Air conditioner is a modern luxury that keeps you absolutely comfortable even during the sultry summer days. However, in order to reap its benefits to the fullest, it’s essential to maintain it properly. Over a period of time, air conditioners become less energy efficient.

Although there are many companies that provide air conditioning repair, Aurora CO, you should know how to take care of the minor issues yourself. There are certain issues that can’t be avoided. But there are problems that occur simply due to buildup of dust, grime and dirt that you can prevent by ensuring proper maintenance. Here are some steps to make your air conditioner more energy efficient and functional for long:

  • Change the air filter – An air conditioner circulates cool air throughout your home in a regular cycle. It collects the air from the room and puts it back into the system. Before the air returns to the air handler that is located near the furnace, it passes through an air filter. This filter captures the airborne pollutants and the particulates that damage the system. The more the filter gets filled up with dust and allergens, the more it gets clogged up. This limits the amount of air moving to the handler. Gradually, the clogging damages the entire system, leading it to run inefficiently. This is why it’s important to change the filters at regular intervals, ideally once every month. By doing this, you can keep your appliance energy efficient.
  • Opt for annual tune-ups – It’s essential to invest in an annual tune up of your air conditioner. You may come across many HVAC companies that offer tune up services and ensure maximum possible energy efficiency for your system. A tune up service includes lubricating fans, tightening all electrical connections, as well as checking and cleaning the entire system thoroughly. Ask your service provider to check the coolant level so that potential problems are diagnosed and repaired before the system completely break downs. You should opt for tune up services, provided by a reliable air conditioning contractor, Aurora CO, which will have experienced professionals on board who can check your system skillfully and provide you with accurate solutions.
  • Clean the duct work – Irrespective of whether you live in a new home or an old property, the duct work of an air conditioner often gets dirty. All the construction debris and the dust get collected in the duct automatically. If there are pests like rodents at your home, the ducts may have a coating of germs and droppings. When the air turns on, the fine particulates drift into the home and lower the indoor air quality. These also drift back through the air conditioner system when the air returns and thus hamper the air flow to a great extent.

Apart from following these methods, you should clean the outside compressor and the return air ducts in order to maintain the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. You can entrust the responsibility of all these tasks to a reliable air conditioning contractor, Aurora CO if handling them on your own seem like an uphill job.

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Taufiq Raihan is an expert HVAC contractor in Denver based At Parker Service Company. He provides installation and repair services of Boiler, Furnace, Air Conditioning and Heating.

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