How to Make Your Home Elderly Friendly for Your Visiting Relatives

When an elderly relative comes to visit, consider taking a few steps to make your home more convenient for their needs. While you might not want to completely refit your home for senior care the way many retirement facilities do, you can inexpensively modify a few key elements of your house.

Elder Friendly Home



Your front door needs to be safe for your elderly relative. Make sure to use a rug to prevent potential slips. If you have steps, a ramp can be a great way to provide accessibility for a relative who has difficulty walking or is wheelchair bound. Cheaply create a ramp from plywood bought at your local hardware store. Again, make sure to cover it with a rug to prevent falls.


Inside your home, make sure there are no tripping hazards. Thresholds can cause your elderly relative to stumble; these can be easily and temporarily removed. If there are any rugs over non-carpeted floor, removing them can prevent a fall.


Lighting is essential for the safety of your elderly relative. Replace any broken light bulbs, make sure to use bright lighting and put new lighting in areas that are dim.


Many retirement communities like senior living in Mesa AZ install grab rails in the bathroom. This is an inexpensive and simple way to prevent a fall for your elderly relative. Also, place rubber nonskid strips in the shower and on the floor just outside the shower. A shower seat can be purchased at your local pharmacy. This device will allow your loved one to sit down while they shower, conserving their energy and reducing the risk for a fall.


If you live in a two-story home, consider housing your elderly relative downstairs. Make sure it is comfortable enough and provide your loved one with everything they will need, including privacy. Stairs are often the greatest falling hazard for the elderly. If your elderly relative will be using the stairs, make sure the area is well lit. Consider using reflective tape to mark each step so that your relative can clearly see them.


Wherever your loved one will be sleeping, create a comfortable space. There should be room for your elderly relative to move around without tripping over furniture. Remove any rugs from the area, if possible. There should be a lamp, preferably touch activated, close to the bed.

Your home will easily accommodate your elderly relative during a visit if you follow the tips above. Most of all, enjoy your time together!

Erin Emanuel