Simple Solutions To Make Your Living Space Seem Bigger Without Breaking The Bank

The cost of residential property is on the rise, but it seems as if homes are shrinking in size. If your living space is not as large as you would like it to be, it’s normal to feel cramped and restricted in your own space. Luckily, you don’t need to tear down walls and expand the size of your living room just to make your home appear larger than it really is. By learning how to utilize space the smart way and creating the illusion of space, you can make room to breathe without spending a fortune. Here are five simple solutions that you may want to try:

Living Space


Choose the Right Paints

Dark colors may be trendy and add style, but they make a space appear much smaller. When you’re already limited for space, using the wrong interior paint can really suffocate you. It’s best to use light hues that let natural light bounce rather than absorb it. By using light blues, creams and pale greens with a bright white outline, your room will look like it has more depth.

Add Reflection in Strategic Areas

Mirrors are more than just a functional element, they are a decorative element as well. When you place your mirrors on the right walls, your room may look twice as big as it really is. Mirror placement is all about allowing more natural light in so that you can trick the eye. Add glass on the walls opposite of exterior windows, and you can open up the space from wall to wall.

Invest in Functional Space-Conscious Furniture

One of the biggest problems that homeowners with small living spaces have is having enough seating while still leaving room to walk freely. If you want to be a smart homeowner, buy functional pieces with storage features. Purchase a coffee table with hideaway shelving. Consider getting an ottoman that offers seating and storage, or even buy a kitchen table with a leaf that folds when it’s not being used.

Leave the Window Uncovered

If you want to add depth to your space, the last thing you should do is put up blinds or curtains. By leaving the windows that are adjacent to your garden or your landscaping uncovered, you can create depth and give yourself something beautiful to look at as you lounge inside. If you need to use curtains or blinds for privacy, pull them up or push them aside during the day. Get curtains that are taller than your windows to make them look bigger as well.

Add Exterior Square Footage

It may not be within your budget to add square footage inside of your home, but it is very feasible to add exterior square footage. According to professionals at Specialty Trim & Awning, Inc., covering a patio with a canopy or awning can create usable outdoor space that you can enjoy when you have company or when you want fresh air. While the square footage can’t be used all year long, it is great during warm climates.

Decorating a small space is all about placement, color schemes and being innovative. If you consider these tips, you can trick the eye into believing your home has more square footage than it does when all you have done is shifted things around and changed the interior color.

Erin Emanuel