Greatest Yard in the Neighborhood: Six Tips to Make Your Deck Stand Out

One of the most enjoyable parts of home ownership is having your own deck on which you can spend your days having a good time with family and friends. Having a nice deck is a great way to encourage neighbors, friends, and relatives to come spend time at your house on a warm summer day. This article will explain the best ways to make your deck the leading deck in the neighborhood.



1  Consider Alternative Materials

These days, building materials have advanced far from where they were a decade ago. While before preserved wood was the only option, today there are artificial materials that don’t decompose and stay looking great. They also clean easier, and increase the value of your home. While they are more expensive, they have continued to come down in price to the point where the average consumer can afford them.

2  Pick the Right Color

Nothing is worse than building a well-structured deck only to paint it a gaudy color. Sticking with natural colors like tan, gray, red, and brown can make your deck look more desirable.

3  Landscape the Yard

When enjoying the deck, most of what your guests notice won’t be the deck itself, but the scenery surrounding it. If your yard could use some work, consider improving it with flowers, bushes, and lush green grass before investing in a new deck.

4  Choose Good Furniture

After investing so much time and money into the deck, there is no reason to be cheap on furniture. Make sure there are enough chairs and tables for everyone, and invest in a good grill. Extra touches like torches, pottery, and rugs can make your deck look even better.

5  Prepare for Rain

Awnings and coverings can save a summer barbeque on a rainy day. Consider incorporating these into your deck design so rain can’t spoil the fun. For small sprinkles, a large umbrella above each table can both stop the rain and block the hot sun.

6  Build on What You Have

Before jumping in and building something new, consider using what you already have. While the current deck might not be perfect, adding to it rather than rebuilding can leave you with a huge deck. Always try to salvage what you have first before building something new.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to having a great deck. When it is finished, everybody in the neighborhood will want to come join in the fun!

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Jay’s Fencing and Decks in Guelph.

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