Modern door mats – make your statement at the door

How much do you care about the general appearance of your residence? Do you want friends and family to feel welcomed? Because if that’s the case you might want to invest a few dollars in a good quality doormat; modern door mats are not just meant to beautify a space. They have a practical, well-grounded purpose: to keep your floor in perfect condition and your household germ and dirt free. As far as the type is concerned, each homeowner has hundreds of choices at his disposal. It may be difficult to make a selection, considering you’ll want a beautifully looking mat that’s also qualitative.


How to make a statement at the door with a great doormat?

It’s not that easy to make an entryway look appealing. However, it’s not impossible either provided that you take into consideration the following tips. First of all, you should purchase a mat that’s at least 60×40 in size. You want a person to fit with both feet comfortably onto the mat. Second, look for a mat made of good-quality, resistant materials such as rubber, coir and bamboo. These withstand tough weather conditions and they’re easy to clean. Last but not least, seek a unique model, color or pattern. It will make a good impression on the people that walk through your door. Here are some great ideas to help you make a choice.

  • Personalized doormats with written messages – these mats are among the most appealing types. They come in a variety of models and they’re incredibly original. Look for mats with funny messages and you’ll certainly make guests appreciate your sense of humor. “Bad dog”, “Please go away”, “I hope you brought food”, and “We’re not home. Don’t knock” are the kind of messages you should be considering.
  • Doormats with interesting drawings – look for doormats with funny drawings like cats and dogs for example. A mat with an evil dog on it, and a message like “bad dog” will definitely put a smile on people’s faces.
  • Colors and patterns – the average type of mat comes in a standard square size. It’s not special at all, maybe even a little boring. If you want to make an impression, consider striking color combos – purple & fuchsia, orange & green, red & black. These will draw attention. As for the shape, the bolder the better. Animal-shaped mats, hexagonal mats, and other unusual shapes.


Decorating an entryway with door mats

Having a welcoming entryway makes future guests assume that you’re a good host. If you live at a house, the doorway has to look clean. First and foremost, make sure that the mat chosen has an adequate size. Next, select the material, pattern and model. Rubber matting is the simplest way of decorating a space without investing a lot of money. The variety of models and patterns is endless. Monogrammed, embossed, renaissance designs, memory foam and others are excellent choices. Pair a chosen door mat with additional accessories for the entryway. Seasonal flower pots for example, will instantly make your home seem inviting and fresh.

Doormats on a budget

One of the most convenient ways of decorating a home with a doormat is to make one yourself. A DIY project is not as complicated as you think, and at the end it will be rewarding to share with friends that you made that beautiful mat at the entrance. For this project you need:

  • Simple, rectangular door mats – as for the material, opt for coir because it is the most resistant
  • Paint
  • Pattern – download a pattern from the web; go for a funny message, or come up with a message of your own

Improving the general appearance of our homes will make us, and our guests, feel loved and appreciated. Sadly, very few homeowners are willing to invest in a functional but qualitative mat. Many believe that the cheapest, simplest doormat that they can find on the market is enough to make their homes look interesting. It’s not. If you want to make a good impression, it might be a good idea to think outside the box. Let your personality shine and try out a DIY project, or spend a few dollars on a functional, practical but attractive door mat.

Erin Emanuel