Time for a Makeover: Go Green with Vintage Furniture Collection

The people tend to get bored out of the things too early, whilst still wants to stay in-line with the trends. So, for that you buy new clothes, car, and furniture and renovate the house. But, one thing that most of you overlook is the effect of all this on the Mother Nature. Yes, we are talking about global warming. Have you ever thought that your small day-to-day activities are causing harmful effects to your environment? Yes, we all our contributors to global warming.

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So, let’s find out how you can reduce the impact on Mother Nature with your activities.

Nowadays, you can promptly notice that people have started going green, whether its technology, using solar power, recycled water, organic foods and even using the antique, reclaimed or vintage furniture. So, if you are planning to undergo home improvement this season, why not go green with vintage furniture.

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Yes, antique and vintage furniture is making a comeback and that trend can be very well seen in all the top furniture magazines and over the internet. Moreover, it’s also a budget-saving process. Besides this, if you want to add an aesthetic look to your house, then giving the vintage look a try is must.

Still, thinking over it? Here we give you not one, but many reasons to go green with your home furniture:

  1. Reduces Landfill: By purchasing antique items that have a long life, you keep them out of the landfill. Moreover, they add a charm to your home. Even its torn or looks too old, you can blend it with the modern furniture by painting it or up cycling it.

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  1. Better Quality and Design: Old and antique furniture cannot be compared with the latest items in terms of quality. We all know that old items were made from original and hardwood, which can still withstand in today’s times. Moreover, nowadays a large collection of antique living room furniture can be found in stores and on-line. So, just choose a perfect combination of quality and alluring design that complements well with your other home decor.
  2. Conserving Resources: Everyone says to plant trees to reduce the impact of global warming, but how many of you say no to cutting of old trees. Only a few of you, isn’t it? Well, now you can easily do that by not buying new furniture. Use antique furniture and conserve natural resources for a great future ahead. After all, trees provide oxygen, conserves water and avoid floods. So, go vintage and save a tree.
  1. Long Life and Easy to Repair: As mentioned above, antique items are made from the original material, so they have a long life and can withstand the scratches, etc. Moreover, they are also easy to maintain, as they need less or minimum repair when compared with new items. So, now when you know that they have a long life, give vintage furniture a try.
  2. Reduces Pollution: Have you noticed that when you buy any type of new furniture, there is a notorious smell? It’s all due to the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds, which causes air pollution. Moreover, vintage furniture will be free from it. Also, the pollution created during the manufacturing of new items is eliminated. So, breathe in a fresh air with vintage furniture.

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  1. Cost-Saving: Just check the INTERNET once, and you’ll find plenty of vintage and antique furniture. Right from antique dining room cabinets, chairs, benches, tables, sofas, outdoor furniture to beautiful vintage lamps. Moreover, they also offer cost-saving, as they come within your budget. Yes, it’s true you can give a vintage look to your house or any room in a cost-friendly manner. Besides this, they also have a very good resale value.

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Well, these are only a few reasons, why you should go green with vintage furniture collection. Apart from these they add a grace to your room, as they look trendy and stylish at the same time.

Furthermore, while buying vintage or antique living room furniture, keep these important points in mind:

  • Buy it locally to cut down on transportation cost and reduce your overall footprint.
  • Don’t fall for cheap prices, give quality – the first consideration.
  • Look out for great bargains and take benefit of them.
  • If you already have modern furniture, then buy items that are a blend of vintage plus modern look.
  • Consider a theme and choose your vintage home furnishings based on them.
  • Know your requirements and size before going for shopping.
  • Buy it only from a reliable dealer, either in wholesale or retail.
  • You can even buy them online nowadays, which is a money friendly option and offer many other perks too.

So, go green along with beautifying your house with some of the best vintage furniture collection of the world.

Erin Emanuel