How to make your office a more enjoyable place to work.

Millions of people across the world get that dreaded Monday morning feeling, and it is often because you don’t want to get out of your warm and cozy bed to go and sit at your office desk in front of a screen. This is where a few personal and uplifting touches to your office can change the whole persona of your work.

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Improving the appearance of the workplace can help massively, if your office is dull and there’s not much to look at, you can instantly feel down about your job, however by simply making sure your office is bright, full of natural light and is always a nice temperature to work at, you may begin to look forward to your day’s work. Of course, all of this won’t make your office an amazing place to work, but it can certainly lift the spirits.

Another way to make your office an enjoyable place to work is to have an entertainment room, have a room with a flat screen television, a game console, beanbags, sweets, generally just an all round place to relax during the day.

If you have a lot of plants or paintings on your walls at home, you could put some up at your office to help give it that homely feel, after all if you make your workplace look and feel more like a home, the more you and your employees will feel relaxed and this will often improve the quality of work that is carried out.

You could also have creative and modern office furniture rather than the old style desks, have desks that are brightly colored and are shaped in weird and wonderful ways, all of these things can help contribute to having a happier office environment and will help toward getting rid of those Monday morning blues.

Making sure your office organized is yet another way to help keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere, this can be done with the simple addition of putting labels on each drawer of your filing cabinets. A lot of people can get stressed if they can’t find something they are looking for, and this can be prevented with a bit of organization.

Fidgeting can also be a big frustration factor, if your job consists of sitting down for most of the day, you have to be sure you can cope with the chair you are sitting on for the long hours, an uncomfortable chair can easily stop the flow of your work and can also lead to health problems. Therefore buying a chair that is suitable for at least 8 hours of use, should help you remain focused throughout the day and will also stop you from getting back problems.

If you follow these simple steps that we live by at JWA Design, I’m sure you will look forward to getting to work every day rather than hoping the week would just hurry up and roll around.

Erin Emanuel