How Marble Can Transform Your House Into A Sleek Bespoke Space

Being a homeowner myself of a small apartment, I have always been searching for design and decor ideas for how I can make my apartment look bigger.

I have tried different colour schemes, mirrors and furniture arrangements in order to try and create the illusion of more space but none of them seem to do the trick.

This was until I stumbled across a local marble and granite company and I ventured in to seek a quote when I discovered that marble is such a great material to use within any home to create the illusion of more space, but not just any ordinary space, a space which looks sleek and elegant.

I was also fascinated by how flexible the material is, obviously not in the physical sense, but in the sense that it can be used all over the house.


The use of marble in your kitchen

Kitchen Marble

The kitchen is a vital area of the house, it is the heart of the home and is where most of the socialising and general activity takes place with your family and guest.

Along with other home owners, I found it exciting investing in a marble and granite worktop for my kitchen. It offered a sleek and clean feel to my kitchen, whilst still keeping some interesting detail as the marble has its own design naturally within it, there is a great gallery for marble kitchen worktops here.

This of course makes every marble kitchen worktop unique and my kitchen always looks brand new.

I have also found that marble kitchen worktops look great in any style of kitchen, whether it is a ultra modern or a country farmhouse.

Marble fireplaces

Fireplace Marble

If you are as lucky as I am to have a fireplace in your property, it is great to make a feature out of it.

Marble surroundings can be individually crafted to match your fireplace, I personally went for one with a large mantle top as it looks established and masculine.

Tiles Really Brighten Any Room

If you invest in a lighter coloured marble tile for any room, whether it is a hallway, living space or bathroom, it will instantly brighten up that space.

The light and reflective surface bounces natural and artificial light all around the room which instantly makes the space look bigger.

As marble is quarried all over the world, you are never limited for choice in colour and design as each quarry produces a different colour marble that has it’s different natural design within it for a long lasting high quality affect.

Using Marble In Your Bathroom

bathroom Marble

Marble looks exquisite and it makes your bathroom look extremely premium and bespoke.

It can be used at sink surroundings and surfaces, as well as surroundings for your bath and for floor tiles.

What is great about marble surfaces is that it provides few havens for bacteria, which means that it is extremely hygienic and easy to clean – perfect for your bathroom!

Erin Emanuel