The Master of Your Own Destiny: Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Master Bathroom

A master bathroom should be a place of luxury, relaxation, and style. If your bathroom is out of date, run down, and cluttered, it might be the bane of your existence instead of a soothing getaway. You can easily turn your grungy master bathroom into a personal space for you and your spouse by making a few adjustments, a couple updates, and a splash of style. If you need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling, read on for a few tips that will help you take control and become the master of your master bathroom.



Kill the Clutter

It’s all too easy to allow an accumulation of products to clutter your bathroom counter, drawers, and cupboards. If you want to create a serene atmosphere in your master bathroom, the first step is to get organized. You might think that organizing the bathroom means buying a few chunky plastic bins and throwing everything in. However, there are so many fashionable and functional bathroom storage options that you can’t just settle for boring plastic. You can attach woven baskets to the back of the bathroom door to store bigger items, or attach a rack to the inside of your vanity door to get a little extra storage room. You can attach makeup to a magnetic board on the wall to keep everything organized and easy to access. The key to eliminating clutter is to create a specific spot for every single item in the bathroom. This way, your drawers won’t be overflowing, and you’ll be find anything you need right on the spot without searching and digging.


Little Updates

There are numerous how-to videos that show you how to replace a faucet, refurbish your faded cabinets, or even create a holder for your hair-dryer out of PVC pipe. Home improvement stores are another source of advice for this type of updating project—employees of stores like The Home Depot and Lowes can assist you with any questions you have about installation or tools you need. Whether you choose to go ultra-modern with a touchless faucet, or stay simple with vintage knobs on the doors and cabinets, updating your bathroom and adding new features will really go a long way. Changing the hardware on your bathroom cabinets is a super-simple DIY project that will change the look of the whole room. A new coat of paint can energize and revitalize your outdated bathroom, and adding patterns like stencils or stripes really makes it feel like a classy room, not just a bathroom. Whatever style or theme you choose to go with, updating your hardware, wall color, and even little things like the shower curtain or towel racks will leave you feeling like you’ve got an entirely new bathroom..


Add Light and Interest with Mirrors

If you want to create an interesting focal point in the bathroom, you can easily add style and personality to the room by the mirrors you use. One popular style is to add a collage of mirrors in different sizes and shapes. By hanging several mirrors, you’ll find that light reflects around the entire room and brightens everything up significantly. If you have dual sinks, it is nice to have two large mirrors—one for each sink. Instead of having just a plain mirror, some popular trends include gold frames for a simple, classy look, or even adding tile around the outside of the frame. Depending on your personal style and tastes, you can choose a mirror that customizes the master bathroom and gives it a little personal touch.


Adding a little luxury to your master bathroom gives it a spa-like atmosphere. A bamboo tray with scented candles placed on the side of the tub, fluffy rugs, soothing music and luxurious towels make your master bath feel like a retreat. Don’t go overboard with accessories and decorations, or the bathroom will feel cluttered again. Choose simple pieces that fit with the theme and color scheme of the room so that your décor isn’t overwhelming. If you’ve been using the same towels and washcloths for years, now might be a good time to invest in a new set that matches your new décor. Paying attention to the little details will really amp up the bathroom and make it look like you’ve done a lot more work than you actually have.

To get the most from your master bathroom design, you need to personalize the space so that is is pleasing and accommodating for both of you. By cleaning away the clutter, you can more fully enjoy your personal space, and start making improvements in the style and décor of the bathroom. Once you add a few updates and personal touches, you’ll no longer dread having to look at the master bathroom—it’ll be a room you never want to leave! Information for this article was provided by the bathroom professionals of Pitton Plumbing who offer porta potty rental in Niagara with their Pitton Portables.

Erin Emanuel