Maximising the comfort of your home

Many interior design blogs can eternally discuss the latest style and colour trends, but unless your home maximises its comfort levels, it’s always going to feel a little uninviting – after all who wants the live in a home showroom?

Getting the balance right between style and comfort can be a tough trick to pull off, but there have been plenty of subtle innovations that can add a touch of sophistication without necessarily making your home decor feel stiff and awkward.

So here are some tips on making your home feel especially cosy that range from ideas on whether you should finally get that super king size bed, and what kind of soft furnishings can really add an extra level of comfort to your interior space.


The importance of fabrics

turkish carpet

Lots of recent interior trends have tended to focus upon ultra-minimalist aesthetic concerns. And although introducing sleek metallic interiors into your home may help you get that mid-century chic, it’s not going to make it feel any cosier.

This is where the importance of fabrics come in, as there’s nothing better than implementing some soft furnishings into your design scheme to add a little comfort. The great thing about fabrics is that they can say a lot with just a few delicate patterns.

Soft furnishings can be used in a multitude of areas to add a subtle feeling of comfort with large rugs providing a sense of luxury, throws being well-served in the living room, and of course some well-chosen bed-linen can dramatically overhaul the feel of your bedroom.

Whether it’s embracing your inner boho with kilim, or keeping it modernist through some Swedish geometric designs, soft furnishings are a simple way to add comfort and a touch of your own personality to the home..

Spatial concerns

globe chair


Whilst you’re deciding your own aesthetic flourishes, be sure to get the basics right in regards to your furniture. Few items require more consideration regarding comfort as that of a bed, which is why Bedstar’s 6ft wide super king bed frame can deliver a failsafe level of luxury for even the most hard-to-please sleeping habits.

And similarly, the supersize furniture trend looks to be showing no signs of going away which is great news for anyone who loves being dwarfed by their armchair as they look forward to another cosy night in.

However, it’s important not to over-clutter the home with too many items of furniture, so always remember to keep things functional, and if in doubt, throw it out!

Stylistic touches

It’s also a good idea to have a think about any colours and artwork used in your interior space, as all of these can add to the overall impression of your home. A strong use of blacks, greys and whites can all make a powerful impression, but unless you’re wanting to encourage the feel of living in an art magazine there could be some better options.

Much has been made of Pantone’s colours of the year which suggest that rose quartz and serenity have an amazing power to relieve stress and enhance feelings of tranquility, and other soft tones such as ochres, soft greens and especially wooden hues can also subtly add to the feeling of calmness.

This philosophy also highlights the point that themes of nature are a great way to make any visitor feel a little more at ease in your house. Whether it’s embracing the Scottish trend of highland life by featuring stags, foxes and owls to add a traditional touch, or even using a few feathers or floral features in any display, it seems that natural themes are perfect for providing us with a powerful sense of being at peace.

Accessories for ultimate comfort


Of course, there are smaller touches that you can make to add just a little luxury. As well as ensuring that every sofa is packed full of lots of lovely cushions, getting a bespoke footstool can help relieve the pressures of a particularly tough day.

Similarly, having a few beanbags or pouffes dotted around the house is a great casual way to help people feel at ease as they can easily be moved around when you have guests, and are particularly well-suited for a house full of teenagers!

And now that summer is finally here, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than by sprawling in your garden in your own hammock that you can even take away with your for a suitably luxurious camping trip!

So whether you’re basking in your new super king bed frame, or just exploring the latest luxury fabrics, there are plenty of ways to add a little comfort to your home.

Erin Emanuel