5 Easy Tips to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

Your bedroom may just be the most private space in your house. This is your personal sanctuary, where you spend the most time when at home. Problem is this is also often the area with the most clutter and things. As a result, comfort is compromised and area to move around becomes smaller. In this article, we will list down five tips on how to maximize your bedroom space.

Maximize Your Bedroom


5 Easy Tips to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

1. Organize Your Room

Without hiring someone to do it for you, you are the best person who can organize things in your own room since you know these things best. You can start with your closet, drawers and table. Get boxes and trays as necessary to place your stash and hide them properly. A neat room always looks more spacious and pleasant to the eyes than one that is messy. You can find tips to rearrange your bedroom here.

2. Invest in Simple Décor

Too much bold colors and dark decorations hanging on the walls can portray a smaller space for a bedroom. It is better to invest in minimalistic pieces that serve as accents. Choose warm colors for the paint and use a calm color theme throughout the room. Mirrors can be posted as a trick in maximizing your bedroom space. Choose those that have well-designed or artsy frames to achieve a unique and creative look. For lights, instead of using tall lamps that occupy floor areas, get natural lighting in the daytime and get lights or bulbs that can be fixated on the wall or draped from the ceiling.

3. Maximize the Use of Shelves

Shelves are not only used for stacking books. You can also use shelves on the wall to place boxes or baskets where your collections, accessories, notebooks and gadgets can be found. Mark these boxes with labels so it would be easy to know where the things are located. Also, don’t waste the space leading up to the ceiling. You can always reach and access shelves on the upper area with the use of a ladder. Just be careful when going up that high!

4. Use the Space Under your Bed

No matter how crazy your bed design is, there is likely to be an extra space underneath your cozy mattress. Don’t let this space be overlooked. If you have luggage, drawers, bins and other irregular shaped materials in your room, it’s a wise move to place them under your bed.

5. De-clutter

Make time at least once a week to de-clutter and make sure to arrange things in a nice, orderly fashion. If you must, throw away stuff that you do not picture yourself using anymore. Donate them to charity or to a friend whom you think can benefit from the hand-me-downs.


Having a small room does not mean it can’t feel and appear big. With storage solutions and organization, you might just be amazed on how your room can actually look and feel. Maximize every space available and avoid letting the clutter pile up. Double duty pieces of furniture can also do some great tricks!

Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in Brisbane Australia. A student of Interior Design, she loves to go surfing on weekends. Follow her on Twitter.

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