Maximising space with style – small room design ideas

Many homeowners or renters struggle with the issue of space. As urban areas have become more popular, living space has decreased, and many are at risk of their homes feeling cramped and cluttered. Whether you are buying a new home or simply trying to increase space in your current home, knowing how to maximise space and maintain style can be tricky.We have some clever tricks to help you maximise your living space without compromising its appearance.

maximizing space in a small living room

Creating the illusion

Even if your living space is small, clever use of light and colour can make it seem larger than it truly is. One of the best-known and most popular methods of creating an illusion of spaciousness is through the use of mirrors; they reflect light and add depth to an area. Walls painted in pale colours can also produce a similar effect.

Increasing the levels of natural light is key to making a small room feel larger, so be sure not to obscure any windows too.Long, draping curtains either side of your windows will naturally draw the eyes upwards, highlighting the vertical space within a room and making it seem bigger.

Choosing your furniture

The furniture you choose can also make a room more spacious. Think about reducing the size of certain items, or removing them altogether – do you really need that giant coffee table, as well as those side tables? If you have a large sofa in the centre of a room, replacing it with two ottomans will offer the same amount of seating space, whilst reducing both the physical and visual bulk.

Also remember that you can adapt your room for when you have guests over; there is no need to have permanent seating space for four or six people if only two live in the house. Save a load of floor space by simply bringing seats in from other rooms when friends and family come to visit. The same goes for dining tables; there are models available that are of a reasonable size initially, but can be extended for when you host guests.

Forming smart storage space

When living in a small house or apartment, storage space, or the lack thereof,may well become an issue. However, thinking vertically can help you save floor space while creating more room for your belongings.

Built-in storage is a great option, but may not be the most cost-effective choice. Bookshelves are a much cheaper alternative, and you also have the option of placing items in baskets and stacking themtoo. To save even more space, why not use floating shelves? They take up no floor space, look great on plain walls and can be fitted relatively cheaply and easily. If you need more space, simply place another shelf above or beside – your storage space is limited only by how high you can reach!

Using these clever yet simple tips, you can make your small living spaces comfortable and seemingly spacious, without sacrificing style! Don’t forget:

  • Encourage the reflection of natural light within your rooms.
  • Reduce the physical and visual bulk of your furniture.
  • When looking for extra storage, think vertical to save floor space!

Erin Emanuel