Mice Aren’t Nice – How To Get Rid Of Them

Mickey Mouse is popular and Stuart Little is quite adorable. Cinderella’s helpers were mice, and they had on some cute shirts and shoes; and the mice in “An American Tail” that sung “Somewhere Out There” can really pull at your heartstrings. All in all, mice are portrayed as delightful creatures that are just misunderstood. But is it really a mistake to believe that mice are pests? No. You have every reason to dislike mice however endearing their characters in television or movies are. Mice destroy things, eat clothes, and they also spread diseases. The last place where my family lived was infested with mice, and these animals were a great nuisance. They may be tiny but each of them is a destructive force to be reckoned with. They ate whatever they could sink their tiny teeth into, and destroyed shoes, bags, furniture, and even wires.

Two Blind Mice

Getting Rid of Mice

1. Put Traps

Hardware and also department stores sell all sorts of mouse traps. See what sort of trap will work best for you. Snap and electronic traps will immediately kill mice. But if you want a more humane approach to your pest problem, opt for multiple catch mouse traps. These tools will allow you to ensnare several mice and then release the creatures in the wild. Another option is the Havahart trap. There are also glue traps, which are the kind that torture the tiny creatures and kill them slowly. It’s better to either opt for the traps the kill immediately or the more humane devices.

2. Poison

There are many kinds of mouse poison available today. But you have to be wise when choosing a rodenticide since you really do not want the stench of dead mice overwhelming your house. Poisons that also cause dehydration are good choices because the drier a dead animal’s body is, the less it will reek. Furthermore, consider getting pet-friendly poison or substances that are not very harmful to animals especially if you have dogs and cats around. Many experts, however, do not recommend the use of poison inside the home as people and most especially kids might come into contact with the lethal substance. It’s better to place harmful chemicals outside where it’s safer for you and your kids.

3. Get a Cat

Speaking from experience, having a cat around is really a great help. We had a cat which was great in catching mice. But cats will often just kill the mice that they can see and catch. If you have a severe infestation, having a cat might not be enough since for every mouse that your pet seizes, there may be ten or even a hundred more in hiding.

4. Call an Exterminator

Don’t hesitate to call a mouse exterminator especially if you notice that there are too many mice for you to handle alone. If possible, take action as early as possible to prevent the problem from becoming too extensive.

Every so often, Claire Trent, the author, blogs about rats and mice and how these creatures impact people’s lives. She writes in order to help others understand the benefits of rodent control Maryland and also the adverse effects of having such animals nearby.

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