8 Modern Home Improvement Hacks of 2015

Regardless the size of your home, living spaces can be quite troublesome to organize, improve, and design especially when you have a tight budget. However, if you are willing to open up and be more creative in exploring and testing ways on how to improve the outlook and appeal of your home just like how they do carpet cleaning in Adelaide, you will discover that there’s more to these hacks than offbeat ideas that seem to never work—in the past.


Make your dining table a work of art.

If you have a big family and your house does not have enough room to place a dining table and form a dining area, a life-saving hack is to re-purpose the table into a painting. Draw some art or ask a skillful painter to paint an abstract picture or someone close to your heart at the back side of the table. When nobody is eating, you can turn the table up against your wall. This pretty artwork table can serve as a conversation starter piece that can even accentuate the ambiance of your dining hall. You can do the same on your bed and make plenty of space available by restructuring the bed with bed mattress at daytime when not in use.

Turn your closet to a room divider.

Not veering too far away from the first tip, you can also draw pictures or art on a side of your wardrobe closet and easily make your closet as a durable divider of two adjacent rooms. To minimize expenses, it will be cool idea to think of a good design or pattern and paint it like a pro. Let it dry overnight before exposing that side of the closet in a trafficked area. This will help save your budget and hold up to your plan of reconstructing your home and building a wall.

Utilize potential storage.

 book shelf

If you have some more space above your book shelf, you can utilize this space to store not only books but also other items such as bed linens, stuff toys, and bags that you won’t be using regularly. To hide your stash, use a wrapping paper with nude or plain color so it won’t get much attraction from visitors.

Use wine racks in the toilet.

It would be cool to use your old wine racks to hold things in the toilet including your towels, clothes, scarfs, magazines, gears, and toiletries. This will free up space for other storage hangers that look unpleasant. For organization, paint the wine rack to a different color per section and then assign each section to a family member.

Use a plastic hanger to put cords in order.

After some time, cords become so messy and it gets difficult to identify what cord is for which appliance. To keep away from clutter and eyesore, a borderline genius hack is to use a conceal cords by winding each of them around a plastic hanger. In effect, you can get rid of tangles and also avoid purchasing special cord keepers that will just do the same from a hardware store.

Transform your attic into a room for slumber parties.

When you have house guests, they would feel extremely cozy and comfortable to sleep in a room full of pillows right at your attic. The attic usually has low ceilings and not very livable. Turning it from a dull nook into a space where you can watch movie marathons just by lying on bed mattress would be so fun. Instead of hosting house parties in the living room or in the kitchen, you can spend more time with your close friends in the attic and enjoy the slumber party till the wee hours of the morning.

Place books at the back or under the stairs.

When there’s limited space at home to stash all your books, you can use the back of the stairs and build racks to store and display your book collections. If there is not much space either, under the stairs is also a fitting spot to make drawers and brackets.

Paint your bedroom ceiling with dark blue and draw stars.

Instead of the typical ceiling, you can paint your room ceiling with a dark color (preferably blue or black) above your bed so you can visually imagine watching the stars at night and fall asleep faster. You do not have to walk in the park or go outside of your home to witness this impressive illusion.


In this modern day, there are a lot of creative ideas that don’t require putting a dent in your bank account. In the event that you want to redecorate your home, spending a lot of money should not be a problem. All these hacks can help optimize your space and improve your home in an easy but effective way.

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