Design ideas that inspire you to make the home as you want

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every modern home. It is not solely used for cooking and eating anymore. Increasingly more homeowners are certain that the kitchen area is a residence’s most stylish and vibrant room of the house. For many, this active space is the heart and soul of their homes. Here are some practical design ideas to help you decorate the kitchen in the most stylish way possible.

kitchen design ideas


Black and white

Consider a monochromatic palette and add personality to your kitchen. A black and white combination is exactly what your space needs to look elegant and chic. Choose beautiful patterns and textures, and give your kitchen a graphic appeal. For example, you could go for black and white stripes for the flooring, or paint the backsplash in black and white zigzags. If you don’t have a lot of space available, invest in multi-purpose kitchen furniture (make sure it’s white to give the impression of extra space). Folding chairs, islands with many storage compartments, and open shelves are excellent ideas you can consider.

Self life

Open shelves are the newest trend in interior decor. Ditching classic cabinets and replacing them with shelves is a smart way of adding a touch of innovation to your kitchen. Allow guests to admire your glassware and kitchenware, and keep things organized to create balance. Use shelving units for linens, plates and serving pieces, and coordinate a personal style with small, interesting accessories. Seasonal flower pots by the windows will beautifully compliment the shelving unit you recently placed above the sink.

decorate kitchen space

Open space

If your kitchen is too small and you don’t have enough space to move around, redecorate and open it up to the living room. Many homeowners with tiny cooking spaces have opted for an open-space kitchen. Basically, they torn down the wall between the living area and the kitchen, and they created one spacious dining are with a cooking spot. Use a generously sized table to separate the eating area from the food preparation area. Keep things casual and vibrant by adding layers to your new open space. A shag rug, quality table linens, floral arrangements, and candles will add romance and comfort to your home.

Kitchen Island – the heart & soul of the kitchen

The heart and soul of every modern kitchen is the island. It is the most used area of the room, so it has to look both practical and modern. A well-planned island performs many different roles. It can be used to hide appliances, provide seating space, or divide the dining from the cooking area. After you decided where to place the kitchen island (if you have space, place it in the middle), it’s time to decide what to put into it. If you’re an avid cook your island should have a slink and lots of storage spaces; if you’re not into cooking, go for a minimalist kind of island and focus on keeping it neat and clean. Hide the chairs underneath and stick to a marble countertop to make it seem like a breakfast bar.

kitchen island ideas

Bring the living room into the kitchen

Just because kitchens are mainly used for cooking, it doesn’t mean yours should only have tables, chairs, and cabinets. Today’s modern kitchen is more like a practical living room surrounded by pots and pans. Decorate it in style and include unusual furniture pieces to give it a twist. Place a comfortable sofa in your kitchen; include a shag rug and a coffee table. Change the vibe completely and create comfort. Welcome your guests in the kitchen and let them admire your work. Try to keep things organized. Display a spice collection, open up the shelves, and give a new meaning to the traditional kitchen space.

Use original ideas to redecorate your home and kitchen. Adhere to basic interior design principles and transform your residence into a natural oasis of joy and happiness. Less is more, so if you have a tendency to add a lot of color, stop and take a closer look. If you’re redecorating a kitchen, it’s really important to create some sort of balance. Tame down the hard colors of your appliances with soft nuances. Pastels are in trend this year; use them for your kitchen furniture, for the walls, or floor, and make your space stand out.

Erin Emanuel