Modern Renovation Trends to Try Yourself

Renovating your home can be hugely satisfying, especially if you have lived in the same property for a while and you are eager to make a change.

Modern Renovation

Of course, renovations can also be profitable if you are looking to add value to your home and sell it soon afterward.

Either way, there are a range of different renovation trends which offer great ideas for your own renovation project, including converting your loft into a livable space and transforming a garden shed into a gym or bar, ready to entertain your friends or reach fitness goals.

With such great ideas at your disposal, it can be easy to be caught up in the excitement and want to complete all of them. Unless you have bottomless pockets, it is best to refrain from attempting this and focusing on one or two to start off with.

Here are a number of modern renovation trends to try yourself:

You could convert your loft into a livable space

A hugely popular modern renovation trend is to convert your loft into a livable space, such as an extra bedroom, family playroom, or cinema.

Loft conversions, such as those available via Touchstone Lofts, are so popular because they free up precious added space within your home. In a modern world that is desperately struggling for space in towns and cities, converting your loft is a relatively easy way to make your house larger without having to engage in serious construction work.

Lofts can unlock significant potential within your home, freeing up crucial space elsewhere. This is why it is a modern renovation trend that is worthy of your consideration.

Create an eco-home

It is no secret that the world is in the midst of a climate crisis, with many homeowners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit to be kinder to the planet.

Although it may not be viable for you to create a fully sustainable eco-home from the ground up, there are certainly a number of changes you can make to improve your sustainability.

For example, you could landscape your garden to include your own vegetable patch, integrate a wind turbine or solar panels onto your property, or simply make your home more efficient by renovating your roof and walls. To do this, you could fit new insulation and make sure that there are no clear gaps where heat can escape, therefore forcing you to use more energy.

Turn your garden shed into a bar or gym

If you have a garden that suffers from largely wasted space or a shed that you barely use, why not invest in either restoring the outside structure or building a new garden room from the ground up.

It is a fantastic way to create a focal point in your garden and alleviate space inside your house. The garden room could be a bar, a home gym, or an office, for example, freeing up a room inside for another purpose – or another renovation project.

Build a larger bathroom

Another renovation trend worth considering is to maximize your bathroom space, turning it from a forgotten space to a larger feature room.

It could be worth creating a wet room to make the most of space, which you could double up as a sauna or meditation room.

A great bathroom can transform the experience of living in your house and make you look forward to your morning shower or evening bath.

Erin Emanuel