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Have you experienced a hard time with mosquitoes and are not sure of how to approach the whole experience in order to eliminate the problem? Mosquitoes can be a nagging problem at times and this especially so when you consider their malarial transmissions which could be costly and painful. It is good to learn some valuable tips which will help you eliminate the menace from your home and yard in general. Below are some helpful tips that you should consider when managing mosquito problem in your compound:

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1)       Eliminate all the possible breeding sites in the compound. Mosquitoes reproduce well in damp places especially where there is stagnant water and these include sites such as old tires, open tins, hollow plant stems and pools. In case you have a swimming pool outdoors, it is important to drain the water frequently so that eggs laid therein do not hatch thus multiplying the number of mosquitoes in your home. The mosquito reproduction cycle is normally very short and if this situation is not managed, one could end up struggling with an influx of deadly mosquitoes especially during and after a rainy season.

2)       Trim the shrubs and keep the grass mowed within your compound. Normally, unkempt shrubs and glass provide mosquitoes with suitable hiding places and reproduction sites. Trimming the shrubs and mowing the glass will not only help you reduce the mosquito population but also discourage the reproduction of other harmful pests such as spiders. Always keep the grass as short as possible and this will also help keep your compound clean.

3)       Clear your roof gutters frequently and especially before the rainy seasons. This will help unclog the gutters and get rid of debris which is likely to encourage water stagnation thus providing a suitable breeding place for mosquitoes.

4)       Spray your yard with safe and effective pesticides. This can be done by a professional thus killing any eggs, mosquito larvae and even adult mosquitoes that could be hiding around the compound. This should however be done cautiously to protect home users and pets and only approved pesticides should be used.

5)       In addition to the aforementioned tips, you could also use various methods to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites that could arise from any surviving mosquitoes. For example you should sleep under a treated mosquito net, apply repellants such as picaridin on any uncovered parts of your body. These will help keep the mosquito off although they might not effectively eliminate the problem.

6)       Use electronic insect traps. There are many effective traps available today and which you could use to eliminate any surviving mosquitoes within the living space. This is an ideal investment to consider and does not consume a lot of electric energy.

It is also worth understanding that most mosquito species are inactive during the day and therefore they might not affect you much. However, the pests like terrorizing people at night and this is something you should understand especially if you have any outdoor activities such as social gatherings. With the above mosquito management tips, it is easy to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your family is well protected from diseases transmitted through these insects.

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