Mover’s checklist – How to pack your stuff

How to pack your stuff

While selecting professional mover to move your stuff, don’t forget that movers not only provide moving services, but they also pack and unpack your stuff as well. It is worth thinking as the moving companies do not take any liability of the stuff you pack yourself. Normally moves are done without any damage claims, and if there is any claim, then those are resolved without any hurdles of problems.

There are some useful and handy tips you can follow while packing that can save your time and give you peace of mind while unpacking. First, when you are packing, follow the Room-by room option. Mark all the boxes by room numbers or names, whichever suites you well, with the short description of the stuff packed inside the box, so it is easy to identify the stuff during unpacking. Follow the room by room rule when the loading to the moving truck is done, as it’ll help you to get the boxes unloaded to the related rooms. How handy is that?


Now let’s see what you need first in the moving process. First, we need supplies, details of which are as follows.

  • Boxes: Boxes are available with moving companies as well, and if you want to get some free boxes, you can find them with Alcoholic Beverage control store, grocery stores and retailers as they have leftover boxes almost all the time.
  • Padding: Those items which are used to cushion delicate and fragile items are normally called padding, and bubble wraps is the most popular one. If you are interested in saving money, then household items like T-shirts, towels and socks may come in handy. Just be careful when you are using them as padding, one mistake can cost you a precious piece.
  • Blankets: Well, you must be thinking what blankets has got to do with moving. They come in very hand to protect tables and furniture edges from scratches. You’ll be moving them anyways so why not use them to protect the furniture. It’ll save you money as well.
  • Tape: A mover’s good old friend, always helping and handy, duct tape. You simply cannot replace it.

Let’s see how the packing should be done from the beginning. First, start packing the similar items together. Start with padding each box which can be done by a newspaper, put the heaviest item in it first. As mentioned earlier, do not forget to label each box by room and contents.

It is always time-saving and hassle-free practice to pack one or two boxes for the first day after moving. Pack essentials required right after you move including;

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Clothes
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic utensils
  • Cups
  • First aid-kit
  • Medication etc.

It is always wise to use the same boxes as the professional movers do. You can find these boxes from moving companies and retail storages as well. A 2-inch-wide packing tape is a must along with the boxes to seal the cartons. Start sealing from the bottom with 3 to 4 layers of tape. For the tops, use 2-3 layers and wrap items loosely.

Erin Emanuel