5 Moving Day Tips and Ideas

Moving into a home, condo or a new apartment can be an exciting and enjoyable venture; however, it can also be stressful and anxiety-provoking. There are several tips that can make it easier and less stressful for you such as getting organized.


Organization is the Key

In order to be organized for a move several actions must take place such as getting the necessary supplies such as blankets, scissors, boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Then, when you begin to pack up, you need to label and number your boxes. Keeping a notebook handy can also help. In the notebook you can write down the details of your move such as names and addresses, phone numbers and what items are packed in certain boxes.


Pitch what you Don’t Need!

Another tip is to get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore. Moving is the perfect time to go through your place and get rid of what you no longer need. This will prevent clutter in your new place and give you much more room. You could also donate some items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill and that could help someone else.

Track your Receipts and Records

Keeping track of all your receipts and records of your move is way to keep things organized and will help you come tax time. Some of your costs could be tax deductible and relocation costs may be covered by your employer. Finding the right movers for your move is very important. Your Better Business Bureau can tell you which moving companies are registered and reliable. It is also important to talk with each moving company that you’re interested in and get written estimates from them, as well as references. Make sure you know about the mover’s terms and conditions.

Contact your Service Providers

Before moving into your new place, be sure to contact your service providers for electric, telephone, gas, refuse, cable, water and newspapers in your old place and give then give them information about your new place. That way, they can transfer various services to your new place. In addition, be sure to also notify the post office about your new address.

If Possible, Move your Valuables Instead of your Moving Company

Most importantly, move your valuables such as legal documents, jewellery and other valuables yourself. If you have the movers do this, be sure to have these items insured and appraised before moving. (If at all possible, move them yourself; it will give you peace of mind.) Keep in mind; there will be some things you will need as soon as you move in such as a first aid kit, toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, night clothes and bedding. This will make your transition smoother and much easier. If at all possible, make any home improvements such as painting or new carpeting before moving in. This will take extra planning, so plan ahead for these activities. For more tips and help on moving, check out Sydney Northern Beaches Removalists.

To conclude, moving to a new location can be fun and exciting but to ensure that everything gets done safely and securely, start early and plan everything!

Erin Emanuel

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