Top 5 tips when moving home

Moving day can be an exciting time as you’re starting a new adventure, yet at the same time it can be very daunting. We as an estate agents in Holland Park have highlighted the top 5 mistakes people make when moving home and how to avoid them:

Moving Home


1. Plan ahead

When relocating, you’ll need to organise a lot of things in advance. Therefore make a list of the items that need to go with you. Try and get as much packing materials as possible, you will need plenty of boxes and suitcases for all your essentials like clothes and kitchen utilities.

2. Declutter

The first thing to do when moving home is to empty your property as much as possible. Don’t decide to pack up clutter and deal with it at the other end. If you haven’t used something in the last year chances are you will not use it again, you can attempt to sell these items online to ebay, Gumtree or Amazon to make some extra cash.

After shifting around things in your home, give you property a clean and check you have everything. Talking of cleaning, try to get your new home cleaned a few days prior to arrival.

3. Book a removals firm

As soon as you have a moving date, book your removals firm as soon as possible. You don’t want to find everyone is booked up, particularly if you are moving on a Friday as people want to unpack over the weekend. However, be careful because most removal companies costs are higher than midweek.

If you’re up for a challenge, you could also do it yourself and hire a van but while that may be the cheap way of doing it, it’s time-consuming and you might find yourself taking a few back and forth trips.

If you do decide to do choose a removals firm, try and get a recommendation from a friend, family member or colleague.

4. Insurance

Don’t disregard insurance! If you break something while packing and moving, it could be a costly mistake. When you are packing, check your household insurance covers damage and breakages. Removal companies do not provide this level of cover unless they have done the packing themselves.

5. Enjoy it

Moving in and out is stressful enough, so just try to enjoy it as much as possible. Get your friends and family involved and make a day of it. As long as you have some drinks, nibbles and good company you will take pleasure in the whole experience.

Thanks to Sandersons London, an estate agents in Holland Park for this guest post.

Erin Emanuel