Must have multifunctional furniture

In today’s day and age when almost a quarter of the word is living in congested metropolises, space is a scarce recourse. This forces people to live in homogenous concrete jungles; with little differentiating their private space from another persons. Here furniture plays a huge role and allows one an opportunity to let out his/her creative side and personalize ones private space according to one’s own needs and comfort.

Here are some clever pieces of multipurpose furniture that every household with limited space must have.


Reading Sofa

Reading Sofa

A lot of people like to read and most of them like to do it while relaxing there bums on a nice cozy and comfortable sofa. If you combine the sofa bit with a book shelf this results in a very purposeful piece of furniture which both looks unique and funky and saves you a lot of space at the same time. With a nice book always an arm’s length away from you, you will always find time to read a few lines.

The Cube

The Cube

This perticular piece of furniture has the most multiple uses out of all that I’ll post. All three layers of the cube can be dismenteled and arranged in a different ways to give you different useful furniture pieces. It consists of three pieces of foam which can be arangeed in different ways to add comfort. It is perfect for small spaces and  can be conveted into a bed, a chair, a shelf and a table.

Mirror Board

Mirror Board

This is a very simple but yet very creative and interesting piece of utility. It adds another dimension to a simple utensil which should make life easy for a lot of people. Most of the time it will sit in your room as a cheval mirror but with just a tilt it can become an iron board  for you to iron your clothes.

Chare Ladder

Chare Ladder

This is one of my favorites. Every kitchen needs a small ladder for you to grab stuff from those inaccessible cabinets that house those items that are seldom used eg. Dinner sets. One the first   look it looks like a normal white wooden chair but with a single  push it transforms in to a beautiful and rigged ladder.

Cycle holder/ Book shelf

Cycle holder        Book shelf

In today’s time a lot of people use cycles to commute, but the problem with bikes is that are stored in the house is that they take a lot of space. This is another great Idea for those people who love this sport, but want to keep their living rooms nice and tidy.  It is a simple wooden cycle mount which doubles as a book shelf to add more color and use to the space.

Multiplo (modular furniture)

Modular Furniture

This is a perfect fit for those households how enjoy a decent size attic and use it as a guest room. In its simplest state this serves as an huge table / island  but it can be reconfigured in many different ways to suit the owners needs, it can become a bed, a sitting area or it can be dismantled to make a chair m table even a sofa out of it.

Stair Case

Stair Case

I know, you must be thinking that this isn’t exactly furniture but I’ll have to disagree with you as this awesome stair case doubles as an even awesomer chest of drawers. There is some very clever use of space here, utilizing space that would have been otherwise useless. These drawers can be used as shoe racks or just about anything that fits. Having extra storage space never kills anyone.

Stool, Side Table and Magazine Rack


This stool very cleverly doubles as a magazine rack or vice versa. This is particularly good for small houses with limited interior space. This particular stools height can be adjusted by placing or taking away magazines from it. It can also be useful as a small table.

Black Board table

Black Board table           Black Board table

Here is a piece of furniture specifically designed for children. This table (perfect for a child’s play room) can not only be used as a normal table on which the child can have his lunch or does his school home work but also doubles as blackboard allow your child to unleash his creativity by drawing his mind out and sparing your walls from all the coloring and drawing.

About The Author:

Ali Jan Qadir writes about interior design and architecture. He writing always aims to help his readers make informed decisions. He is also a contributor for which is an Abu Dhabi based real estate website.

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